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Scania student intro

With Scania Student Intro, you get a unique insight to the world of Scania; an innovative and world-leading provider of transport solutions. It is a programme aimed for master students with an ongoing MSc in Engineering or Systems Science. 

The programme consists of weekend visits and one day events filled with cases, seminar and team building.  We also provide you with a summer job and thesis project within your field of specialisation, carried out within Research & Development, Sales & Marketing or IT. Each student gets their own manager and mentor guiding them through the programme. The aim with the programme is to give students the opportunity to get to know Scania and to develop contacts within the company and our hope is that you will become a Scania employee after the programme.


The programme runs from the fourth academic year/first year of your master to graduation, with applications taking place during semesters 7-8. You must have at least one year of your studies remaining at the time you apply.

The application

We are looking for people who are naturally curious, engaged and enjoy working together with other people. Above all it is important that you enjoy our branch of industry, technology and its implementation. The programme takes place in Södertälje, Sweden and you have to be fluent in English as the programme is held in English. 

  • Application period is between 9 October to 22 November week 41 to 47, 2023
  • Selection process-weeks 48-49
  • Interviews week 50
  • Final selection done week 51
  • Programme starts March 2024

Weekend Activities

The group meets on two occasions each semester to work together on selected case studies and focus on team building. During these meetings, students will get to know the company’s operations through lectures combined with active discussions, case studies and study visits. You will also get to meet several employees and hear about working at Scania. Participants will also get the chance to test drive Scania trucks and buses.

Current participants

Summer Internship

Scania Student Intro builds on the interaction between studies and practical work. Summer work at Scania is part of the programme and participants are offered summer internship related to their study specialisation to help link together theory with the practical side in the best possible way.

Thesis project

The subject for the thesis project at Scania is selected with consideration to the student’s area of specialisation. Thesis projects are always based on the needs of the business and gives students the opportunity to show off their personal accomplishments.



Aimed at those who currently studying for a degree such as a Master of Science in Engineering or Information Systems or other relevant areas. Your specialisation could for example be in Data, IT, Engineering Physics, systems, Electronics and Mechatronics (Engineering or Electronics), Computer Engineering, Information systems, Computer Science, or Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on data or software technology.


Scania Student Intro System/IT gives you an insight into how we drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system by utilizing the power of software and data in all areas. The goal being to minimize the impact on the environment from transports.

For example, our Internet of Things platform must support the future transport and needs to be efficient both on an economically and environmentally conscious way. To solve that, we see the key is the development of for example autonomous vehicles, safety, security, electrification and the collection and analysis of big data.


Aimed at those who are currently studying for a Master of Science in Engineering or other relevant areas. Your specialisation could for example be Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Physics, Design and Product Development, Energy and Environment, or Industrial Engineering and Management.

Scania Student Intro Mechanical gives you an insight into how the development of highly optimized commercial vehicles and transport solutions contributes to a more sustainable future. Our vehicles supports both urban and long distance transports as well as mining and construction worldwide and needs to be efficient both in an economically and environmentally conscious way. To solve that we see the key is development of for example autonomous vehicles and optimised design within areas such as fuel economy, safety, reliability and comfort. Efficient product development of market leading solutions has been one of Scania’s core areas for more than 125 years – and still is!


Scania Student Intro finishes with the completion of the thesis. This milestone is celebrated with an end-of-programme ceremony and the distribution of diplomas.