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Young potential trainee program

Kick-start your career by giving you deep and broad knowledge about Scania and the industry as a whole. The program is part of the TRATON Group which means we collaborate with other brands in a global setting.

As a leadership program, we focus on teaching you how to lead yourself before leading others. We provide the tools to prepare and develop you for a future career in an international company. With rotations of your own choice, you tailor your trainee period according to your interests and skills. You also get an Individual Development plan, Exchange with TRATON Trainees and five learning modules and four rotations i.e. 2-3 months of assignments in different departments/areas. Include rotations abroad.

Our program offers deep insights not only at Scania but also within TRATON Group, our holding company where we collaborate with other brands in a global setting. Through this collaboration we enable you to share knowledge and learnings across the brands, build an excellent network, learn about cultural differences and grow as individuals.

Former trainees

“I searched for a trainee programme at an industrial company working with sustainability, and Scania came up as an interesting company, taking on great challenges in transforming the transport business.”

/Gustav Nacke, Sourcing Manager


“I definitely recommend the YPTP at Scania, it is crazy good actually! It really exceeded my expectations.”

/Naomi Bakker, Portfolio Manager


About the program

For whom?

Master/bachelor degree. Graduates/young professionals with up to 2 years of professional work experience in their field of studies.




19 August 2024.

Application period

The application period is from 6 November 2023 until 7 January 2024.


Approx. ~ 15 months. Graduation 21 November 2025. You have full time employment at Scania from day 1!



- People

- Finance and business control

- Supply chain and Industrial Engineering

- Product Research and Development

- Business Strategy and Commercial operations

- Sales and marketing




Trainee program consists of five mandatory modules which translates to nine weeks of education. The modules heavily focus on The Scania Way, leadership, self-awareness, individual development and insights to Scania and the industry as a whole and much, much more.


It is mandatory to do a minimum of four, 2-3 month rotations, two at Scania in Sweden, a cross-brand rotation at another brand within TRATON Group and finally a Scania Distributor rotation at one of our dealers in the world. The rotations are flexible which means you decide when it fits you to do them during the program.

Individual development

You'll create an individual development plan together with your hosting manager to continuously follow-up on how you wish to develop, we also conduct trainings in the program on topics such as: Communication, presentation techniques, change management, coaching and more.

Who are you?

You have an interest in leadership and have proven to have some leadership skills. Most of all you are eager to continue to develop these skills professionally and, to be a leader that utilises the full potential of individuals and teams! You believe that sustainability is a way of living and we want you to take us even further on that journey.

Professions - Competence areas

There are six different professions you can choose from, the choice you make should be based on your education and personal interests. The profession defines where you’ll start your learning journey at Scania, please apply to one profession as we will only process you for one trainee position.


Read more about the professions by clicking the images below.

Application and recruitment process

The application period is from 6 November 2023 until 7 January 2024.


At Scania we have a thorough recruitment process to make sure we evaluate all candidates in a fair and equal way while finding the right match for both candidate and Scania.

The process is digital to make it easy for everyone to participate, but also to make sure everyone has the same prerequisites in the process.

The application period  runs between 6 November – 7 January. Selection and interview phase takes place in January/February and a job offer is normally offered by the end of February.


Only for EU/EES citizen or have a permanent residence permit in Sweden due to Swedish law.