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Supriy Rana working at the forefront of technology development

When Supriyo Rana moved from India to Sweden, his aim was to grow as a Cloud professional in a multicultural environment while working at the forefront of technology development. He found what he was looking for at Scania.


With a Bachelor in Engineering from K. J. Somaiya Institute in Mumbai, and several years of experience in software design, development and implementation, Supriyo now uses his skills to develop databases and serverless applications.

“I like to meet new people and new cultures. I want to challenge myself and keep learning. At Scania I get a chance to explore and widen my horizons in other technologies and languages,” he says.


He uses several programming languages, including .Net, C#, Python and JavaScript, and likes being able to choose the particular language or technology that suits the job at hand. As a long-time yoga devotee, Supriyo also connects with Scania’s core values and its principle of work-life balance.

“If you want to work with multi-cultural people coming from different parts of the world that give their best to make a sustainable growth with actual harmony and peace, then you are looking at the right organisation and are welcome to join us.”