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“My teammates made me feel comfortable right from the start"

From Uppsala University to Scania’s headquarters, Elin realises that stepping into the corporate world as a Software Developer is not as frightful as she initially envisioned. And with the guidance and support from her manager and teammates, she looks forward to intriguing challenges each new day.


Contrary to popular belief, coding doesn’t come naturally. That was what Elin discovered when she pursued her studies in Information Systems - Systems development at the university in Sweden. However, she is quick to add “but it doesn’t mean it is not for you”. With ordinary talent and logical thinking, it’s a skill that can be acquired with practice.


Elin joined Scania through the I-Talent programme in September 2021. The six-month programme allows IT graduates to become IT professionals in Scania. Some of her responsibilities include working with and managing databases which she enjoys. She likes content changes and back-end coding related to systems and applications, but front-end coding is not her favourite.


Many different projects and tasks are going on which allow her to continue learning and it’s never boring. Soon, the scrum master will be going on parental leave, and Elin will take on that responsibility in her absence. “One of the things that I’m positive about as a developer at Scania is that if I would like to dig deeper into a project, there is a big opportunity for me to do that”, says Elin cheerfully.


The young developer gets her inspiration from solving problems. It fascinates her to see how she can find different solutions to solve a case through coding. She is constantly advancing in her skills, which doesn’t feel like work.


Elin attributes her growth as a Software Developer to the tremendous support from her team. “I’m motivated by my manager and fellow developers who are very knowledgeable and help me understand how things work. The workplace feels open and I find it easy to ask questions”, says Elin. In the department, the “super fun teammates” have been there to make her feel comfortable right at the start of her career at Scania. Apart from gaining knowledge in IT, she finds it interesting to learn about the Scania business and to develop in the corporate world.


During her private time, Elin who values community work is engaged in a couple of projects by the Red Cross. One of these is the ‘Läxhjälp’ project – coaching youths in their assignments such as mathematics or the Swedish language. She has always been involved in different types of student organisations at the university and finds it fulfilling. In another project, Elin visits the elderly at home, to socialise and offer companionship.


When she first started as a Software Developer, this young IT professional was a little nervous and doubtful of herself. However, with the support from her team, she now feels more confident and looks forward to other exciting projects and improving her skills.