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“I can’t see any place else that can offer me what Scania does”

Giulio Caccin moved from Italy four years ago to Sweden to work as a Software Developer at Scania. He values the company’s trust and encouragement. “I’ve been given a lot of freedom and I’ve felt empowered…I couldn’t be happier!” he says.

Giulio working as a Senior Software Developer on Scania’s Digital Dealer programme, which has digitalised the company’s workshop business to create efficient planning, increase vehicle uptime for customers, and improve the service team’s proactiveness. 


He combines software development coding in the truck’s maintenance domain with ensuring fellow developers have the best knowledge of coding techniques, as well as how to isolate domain boundaries while improving software continuous integration processes.


Giulio is very proud of the entire Digital Dealer programme’s agile response times, which he says compare favourably with the fashion and healthcare sectors he worked in over a 20-year career.


“Every single code change is tested within five minutes,” he explains. “For all components and more than 50 developers, if we did 50 changes at the same time we’d be done by the end of day, with the changes immediately released into production.


“The feedback cycle from when we see it in production and get the customer user logs is 30 minutes, tops. That helps our customers and service technicians.”


Giulio has also been encouraged to speak about his work at Scania at conferences and at other companies. “I’ve been given a lot of freedom and I’ve felt empowered as I’ve been given the opportunity to help people, so I couldn’t be happier! I can’t see any other place that offers me what Scania does,” he says.


Giulio knew nothing about Sweden before he moved here with his wife.  With a child born in Sweden and a love for the cold weather, he’s feeling settled in his adopted home, too. “I see myself being here for a long time to come.”