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BLOG: Ideas for Learnability

Join me on a journey through my role as a developer at Scania, where I'll delve into my experiences and how we harness the power of Ideas for Learnability. I embarked on this adventure with one of Scania's IT teams, which led to relocating my family from India to Sweden.

I am an developer at Scania, and will share my experiences at the company so far, and how we leverage Ideas for Learnability. I was hired for one of Scania’s IT teams, and needed to relocate with my family from India to Sweden.


When I think back on the recruitment process I found it quite interesting. Especially the post interview tests, which challenged several factors of you as a person, such as how do you analyse, your thought process etc. I feel that it’s the learning nature of a person rather than to have many technical skills which can be learned by anyone over time that is key.


The scope is not only focused on a Java developer or a .Net Developer. This is something awesome if you think from a developers or software architects’ perspective as well if you want to switch to new technology or want to learn new things and keep up on your toes as well as keeps challenging yourself over the period of time. I really appreciate this vision which Scania looks for its employees.

Lots of technologies to choose from

I started slowly in the office in Södertäje, Sweden, understanding the work we do and which technologies we use and more about the project I would be working on.


There are literally no barriers in technology. You don’t need to stick to one technical language or framework. You are free to choose from any technology which suits the job at hand and makes your life easy. I was primarily a .Net full stack developer most of my career with AWS and terraform skills recently added to this. But here I got a chance to explore and widen my horizons in other technologies and you don’t have pressure to move fast through the learning curve, provided you are eager to learn as well. My team had a mix of young talents and seniors to guide them. Later I observed it’s the same with most of the other teams.


The structure is well formed with Solution Architects, Software Architects, Senior Developers and Developers to make things work and on the other side there are business analysts with their team who pass on requirements in collaboration with the IT team.

Leveraging Ideas with learning and innovation framework

People who love for technologies, especially in the automobile sector, and how IT helps to innovate and add more value, I believe Scania is the place for you. You would be able to see the different collaborations between the actual production team who are engaged in building automobile parts with the IT team. And the intensive research and development which is going on in making the trucks and buses more efficient and environment friendly.


In our team we have unique work ethics and dedicated time set aside every week. You can spend four to six hours learning new technologies, create a POC of what you like to do next, you can brainstorm what could you do for your growth which will ultimately have a ripple effect in the organisation. There are so many learning platforms available and to learn from at Scania. One of them is the LinkedIn learning platform. Here, you can choose and learn whatever you desire and add another feather to your cap. That’s really awesome!


You can decide what you want to do next and learn something new while implementing it at the same time in various environments. On Fridays, our team members spend some time by ourselves to learn or innovate and we have an actual booking in our calendars for that. Most of the things have been transparent and that’s what makes it more reliable. This concept is liked and implemented. The management encourages various activities and is always transparent of how the business is going and how it is affecting the growth of the company.


There are many different things happening at Scania. Read more in the “Scania Work Playbook”.


There is a vision that innovation will bear fruits in the near future. The vision has to be crystal clear so there is no problem in the execution. A vision without execution is merely a hallucination!

The Core Values

If you want to work with multi-cultural people from different parts of the world that give their best to make a sustainable growth with harmony and peace, then you are looking at the right organisation. People have trust and faith in the employees and expect things done without regular follow-ups. One thing I learned is that if you delegate a task to one of your peers and forget about it, rest assured that it is in good hands.


To make this place even better, the core principles of the organisation are very important:

  • Customer first
  • Respect for the individual
  • Elimination of waste
  • Determination Integrity
  • Team Spirit


Here you can read more about the “Scania Way”.


Our business value stream had a brainstorming session among themselves and have inherited some principles close to our working model. If there is any confusion what you are working on and how you are contributing towards Scania, this is where we look and realign ourselves:

I am still new to this organisation and have gained many things in such a short time. If you are looking for a dream work place where things go hand in hand and there is a work life balance then you are welcome to join us. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at


Until then Good bye! Hej då! Adios!

By Supriyo Rana