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Control Package

With the Control Package, you can track and keep track of your fleet from any computer in the Fleet Management Portal.

With the Control Package, you have direct access to all important data in your vehicle park via the Scania Fleet Management Portal. Use the comprehensive analysis tools, such as the vehicle style analysis, to work together with your drivers on the optimal use of your vehicle.

In contrast to the monitoring package, you can sort, filter and create reports for analysis. Choose the data that is important to you and observe the performance trends over time.

Vehicle Performance

The "Vehicle Performance", also a module of the Scania Fleet Management Portal, shows you with prefabricated reports, such as the environmental report quickly and clearly, how many kilograms of CO2 your fleet has emitted. For more details you can compile individual reports , have it displayed on the Scania Fleet Management Portal and export as needed in Excel or PDF format, for more overview and sustainability.

Fleet Position

Thanks to the Scania Fleet Management module "Fleet Position", you get an overview of the positions of your vehicles and their current status. Whether they are driving, taking a break or loading. The route tracking offers a useful and easy way to monitor the routes. Click on a vehicle to view details such as GPS coordinates, percentage of fuel, mileage and much more.

Driver Evaluation

Driving style analysis: The "Driving style analysis" module of the Scania Fleet Management Portal shows driver results for any period of time, taking into account the vehicle use. This makes it easy to work and improve with your drivers and handling of vehicles. The Scania Fleet Management Portal helps you with active tips for improving driving style. For more details, the driver data is also available to you.


Control Package



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