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fleet position

Fleet Position provides you with complete transparency to always know what’s around the corner. With the ability to view position updates, accumulated driving times, or current vehicle statuses, take the guesswork out of Fleet Management.

No added hardware, no added fuss.

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Fleet Position

Available separately


per vehicle per month + VAT




To purchase the Fleet Position module or to request a demo please contact our team.  

Control Package

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per vehicle per month + VAT






Features and benefits

  • Choice of position updates, with the option of real-time data at 1 minute
  • Detailed driver information with accumulated driving times
  • Real-time vehicle status, with warnings for faults and maintenance alerts
  • Geofencing with up to 250 zones for either alerts or notifications
  • Driver history with an overview of working activities to assist in planning
  • Access to the Scania Fleet App, available on either iOS or Android

Choice of data updates


Match your package to the needs of your business, with a choice of update intervals:

10 minutes

5 minutes

1 minute

Track and trace

View historic vehicle movements and pinpoint key information such as speed, direction of travel, last known driver or fuel levels.  

Data is stored up to 18 months from the point of activation, with options to export the tracking data for adapted intervals, allowing you to remain in control of your data.

Real-time location

Gain insight into vehicle speed, levels of fuel and ad-blue being used, or even direction of travel.


With up to 1-minute position updates, always stay that one stead ahead. After all, real-time data allows for real-time decisions.

Live traffic overlays & incident reports

Optimise your planning with live traffic overlays and incident reporting or increase vehicle utilisation by displaying the nearest vehicles complete with remaining driving time – helping you to be ready for the unexpected.

Accumulated driving times

Information about a driver’s driving and rest times in a selected vehicle is updated in real time and can be used to ensure that transport assignments can be performed as planned.


A timeline is displayed showing the progress of a driver’s working day, including driving period, daily driving time, fortnightly driving and information on both rest periods and applicable daily driving time exceptions.


With Driver History, view historical activities over the previous 7 days with a timeline to summarise activity, equipment, duration and date stamps.


Complete transparency, complete control

With the ability to create up to 250 Geofence Zones and receive notifications when these are breached, you can track or estimate departure and arrival times whilst ensuring vehicles are being used as intended.


Geofence Zones can be categorised as zones for alarm or notification, with the added option of emails when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone. Time limits gives you the control to only activate zones on certain days or between certain times during the week.

Automated reports can be generated for any operation within a zone, providing documentation of on-time deliveries should any complaints be made.


For more information on how to get started, please contact our team. 

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use for our Fleet Position and Control Package can be found here. 

*Prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. Prices may change at any time.