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Tachograph Services

Get the essentials out of the way

Your tachograph administration can be anything from a logistical day-to-day nuisance to a time burden for your staff. The best way for you to handle tachograph data, is to automate as much of it as possible. Because while the actual legal responsibilities can never be outsourced – you can more easily stay on top of them through continuous status reports with analysis of potential legal issues regarding infringements, delays, required calibrations as well as upcoming card and license expirations.

At a glance

- No additional hardware required

- Simplified automated tachograph management

- Detect rest and drive times

- Automatic recording of beginning and end of driving journeys

- Avoid infringements and fines
- Continuous legal analysis reports
- All your data stored remotely and securely
- Reminders via SMS and e-mail for driver
- Compliant with Digital Tachograph and Smart Tachograph standards

- Integrate data into third-party providers via Data Access

- Requires company card to be held by Scania throughout the duration of any live contracts

What do the services offer? Remote Download + Remote Download Web Service
Configurable download intervals for data download (up to once per day)    
Automated Remote Driver card and vehicle data download
European Roaming data included
No extra downtime – data downloaded while driving
Direct connection to independent Analysis – use your existing provider
Scania quality assured process for handling infringements  
Secure storage of data files with cloud backup  
Wide range of reports for vehicle and driver activities easily accessible online  
Effective follow up and action reminder mails  
Options for Earned Recognition data connection    

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