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Tachograph services


Knowing how your drivers are working and how your trucks are being utilised is not just good business practice; it is the law. Vehicle and driver compliance monitoring is mandatory. Spot checks are random and infringements can be costly.

Your tachograph administration can be anything from a logistical day-to-day nuisance to a time sink for your staff. The best way for you to handle tachograph data, is to automate as much of it as possible. Because while the actual legal responsibilities can never be outsourced – you can more easily stay on top of them through continuous status reports with analysis of potential legal issues regarding infringements, delays, required calibrations as well as upcoming card and license expirations.

Features and benefits

  • Easy administration
    Automatic data acquisition and remote storage. 
  • Secure
    Cloud-based secure storage up to 7 years. 
  • Clear overview
    Automated activity reports to keep you regularly updated.
  • Peace of mind
    E-mail & text message reminders keep you updated. 
  • Simple to Activate
    All Scania trucks built since 2013 are ready equipped with no further hardware needed 
  • Flexible
    A range of download periods and 3rd party connection options.


Tacho Remote

Remote Download
No more manual read-outs of tachograph and driver card data
  • Automated Remote Driver card and vehicle data download
  • European Roaming data included 
  • No extra downtime – data downloaded while driving 
  • Scania quality assured process for handling infringements 
  • Secure storage of data files with cloud backup 
  • Wide range of reports for vehicle and driver activities easily accessible online 
  • Effective follow up and action reminder mails

Remote Download + 


Always have the latest tachograph and driver card data at hand.

  • Configurable download interval for data download (up to once per day)

Tacho Web Service

Flexible: Range of download periods and 3rd party connection options

  • Direct connection to independent Analysis – use your existing provider
  • Extensive group of partner Analysis companies
  • Automated Remote Driver card and vehicle data downloads
  • European Roaming data included
  • No extra downtime – data downloaded while driving

All inclusive

All the hardware to support Tachograph Services is factory installed in every new Scania truck.


If you have an older Scania or another truck brand, retrofitting is easy. Worldwide data roaming is included so there are no unexpected costs when travelling outside the UK; a unique Scania feature.

In the office

All data from the tachograph and driver card is automatically transferred with Remote Download to Scania’s secure servers and available to you whenever you want and wherever you are.

In-Cab Information

In the instrument cluster the driver can easily keep track of how long he or she has remaining before a break is required – without taking their eyes off the road for long.

Robust security

All the data downloaded from the tachograph and driver card is safely stored in the Scania Secure cloud storage. Your data is always available through the Tachograph Portal for 7 years included in your subscription.

Reports to keep you in control

Data downloaded is continually analysed in the background so that the most up to date information is always available no matter where your vehicles are working.

Card hotel security

Every company needs a physical company card for this service. With our convenient card hotel solution you can rest assured that everything is in safe hands providing total peace of mind.

Reduce infringements

 Scania Tachograph Services guide you through a quality assured process for handling infringements. It starts with a regular follow up report by e-mail and ends with clear understanding of infringements.

24/7 access from anywhere

You can log in to the portal from any device with Internet connection. The homepage automatically provides a summary of the most important events the portal has received.

Simple, clear options - the portal is divided into four key areas:

  • Operations – keep track of the data downloaded by drivers and vehicles
  • Analysis – where you can analyse the data and create reports
  • Upload – possibility to upload data manually obtained from vehicles and driver cards
  • Settings – administer driver reminders, download periods and follow up actions
Reminders keep you up to date

With Scania Tachograph Services you can rely on the system to remind you to get everything in place. There is no risk of forgetting any important part of the process.

You can choose to receive either email or text reminders when it is time:

  • To download driver and vehicle data 
  • To renew driver or company card 
  • To calibrate the tachograph hardware








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