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Monitoring Package

Full fleet data on all your vehicles

Scania Fleet Management Monitoring Package is an easy-to-use service that puts you on the right track to improving your fleet economy – even for small fleets.


You’ll receive weekly email summaries covering all of your vehicles. From these, you can see at a glance how each vehicle is performing and which ones need special attention. Weekly information from the Monitoring Report can quickly help you reduce operating costs.


You will spot potential problems early, be able to guide drivers into adopting more economical driving habits and improve your service planning. You will also receive monthly summary reports and a summary at the end of the year, allowing you to identify and act upon trends and patterns that cover longer periods of time.


Since the reports do not track individual drivers but rather individual vehicles, this service is particularly suitable for smaller fleets. Trends are indicated with arrows: green for improvement and red for degradation. 


The data collected on board Scania trucks gives valuable insight into driving styles, productivity and economy. This level of tracking and diagnostics can bring significant benefits in increased uptime, improved safety and reduced operating costs

Service Planning

You can also access the Scania Fleet Management portal to manage your service planning. Service Planning provides an overview of all the equipment in your fleet, along with their maintenance plans, including a calendar for keeping track of maintenance and repairs.


With the free Scania Fleet Management App, you get access to the defect reporting function and your drivers can instantly report problems and supply photographs directly from the site of the incident. Defect reports are also automatically reported from the vehicle. Combine defect reports with planned maintenance and send as a work order to your workshop.

The Monitoring Report

With the Monitoring Package, you will receive reports and get access to the Service Planning in the Fleet Management Portal

Scania Driver Support

If your vehicle is equipped with Scania Driver Support, you will see the average score here.

Change in fuel consumption

See at a glance how your entire fleet is performing on fuel consumption. 


Driving with a gear engaged and without fuel injection is good driving behaviour. 

Heavy braking

Excessive braking might indicate a need for a new driving strategy that is less aggressive.


Excessive idling time wastes fuel. You can coach drivers or adjust routes to reduce idling time. 

Economical speed

High speed consumes more fuel than necessary. You can set a speed limit and follow it up (90 KM/H is preset).

CO2 emissions

Show your customers what you are doing for the environment – in black and white – and become eligible for additional transport assignments. 

Red and green arrows

Spot trends since the last report. Are some trucks improving? Green tells you when a factor affecting fuel consumption is improving. Red indicates a negative trend.

Fuel consumption

Find the inefficient fuel consumers that need attention. 




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Scania fleet app

The fleet app brings your drivers and administrative staff closer together in the day-to-day operation, with features that benefit both. Anything from turning on the cab and engine heaters well before your shift begins, sending reports on issues or vehicle defects to the office staff – including reference photos.


The driver evaluation feature lets the drivers themselves see how they could improve driving efficiency, and all driver and vehicle data – including live position – is available via an easy map overview showing your geographical operational area. 

Scania Fleet

Manage your fleet easily, directly from your telephone or tablet. Includes access to current vehicles data and location, and a messaging function. 

Scania Fleet

Manage your fleet easily, directly from your telephone or tablet. Includes access to current vehicles data and location, and a messaging function. 

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