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Driver Evaluation

Besides traffic safety and the wear and tear of the vehicle, driver behaviour influences as much as 15% of the fuel consumption – affecting both fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The Driver Evaluation service fairly and objectively analyses the driver’s performance and provides a clear grade from A to E, as well as tips on what and how to improve.

With this service, each participating driver is compared using the Scania unique Performance Evaluation Model (PEM) which factors in the specification of the vehicle, the market and the type of operation the driver is performing. The driver data is graded in comparison with anonymised driving behaviour data from the entire connected global rolling Scania fleet – all to provide a result which is as accurate and objective as possible, and which only grades on factors that the driver can actively influence.


The driver grades are shown for each individual driver in the Scania Driver app, and the full fleet overview is clearly reported in the My Scania platform.

The overall grade

The final grade is determined by averaging the contributing factors. Each trip is individually graded, and then an overall average is computed using the contributing factors. The grade is determined solely by the factors with available data for the given period. For instance, if a driver hasn't idled at all during the period, the idling parameter is omitted from the calculation.




Powertrain coasting

Hill driving

Driving with cruise control

Driver Data

The Driver data page gives you access to data in order to perform a more detailed analysis of how different drivers have been driving during a selected period. 


✓ Type of propulsion  ✓ Distance driven (miles)
✓ Engine running time (h:m) ✓ Transport work, average (tonne-miles/gal)
✓ Harsh brake applications (#/100 miles) ✓ Average fuel consumption (mpg)
✓ Fuel consumption (gallons)
✓ Brake applications (#/100 miles)
✓ Harsh accelerations (#/100 miles) ✓ Idling (% of engine running time)
✓ Engine overspeed (% of engine running time) ✓ Speeding (% of engine running time)
✓ Speeding (% of engine running time) ✓ Driving outside optimum engine speed band
(% of engine running time)
✓ Powertrain coasting (% of distance driven) ✓ Scania Driver Support (Average score in %)

Quick facts

• Reduction in fuel consumption – lowered fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

• Reduced vehicle wear and tear – less time in the workshop and a positive effect on productivity.

• Safer driving behaviour – decreased risk for accidents.

• Requires a connected vehicle equipped with a Scania Communicator.

• Requires driver card inserted in the Tachograph or a personal ID button connected.

• The service is available both standalone and as part of the Control Package.

• Invoiced on a monthly basis.

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