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Connected Services

Making your business smarter

Every Scania we make is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. This means that we have hundreds of thousands of constantly connected vehicles and engines in use all over the world today – providing data that doesn’t only improve our engineering, but lets us create services which can provide you with direct business value.


Anything from lowering fuel consumption to reducing wear and maintenance needs, all the way to automating tedious administrative work. Simply put – we focus on the data, so you can keep your focus on running your business.


Tachograph Services and Fleet Management Services are available within the My Scania portal.

My Scania

My Scania can bring your business value through easier access to various services and help increase efficiency both in the day-to-day operations and long-term perspective. 


• One account to access everything.

• Personalised selection of services, suitable for each role.

• Built on your data and your needs – shared across services.

Part of My Scania

Our Connected service packages contain essential features designed to greatly enhance your business operations. Some of features are available both independently and as part of a package, conveniently accessible on My Scania platform.

Fleet Position

Keep track of your most valuable assets 24/7.

Service Planning

Plan and track repairs and maintenance for your fleet.

Driver Evaluation

Track your drivers’ driving behaviour to improve fuel efficiency and safety.

Vehicle Performance

Track how your fleet is being used as well as its environmental impact.

Environmental Report

Keep track of calculated emission values for your vehicles, including CO2, fuel consumption and energy consumption.

Monitoring Report

Your weekly update – key figures that show how your fleet has been used.

Tachograph Services

Keep track of your drivers’ activity and rest times so you can be sure to meet the legal requirements. 

Charging Services

Plan, monitor and analyse the charging of your fleet.

Scania Driver App

Scania Driver app is the driver's main contact in to the My Scania digital ecosystem. 


ProCare reduces the risk of unplanned stops for your truck. Analytics intelligence predict future mechanical issues and solves them before they happen.

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My Scania

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Services for your Scania

With our extensive range of truck services, you can rest assured that your commercial vehicles will be well looked after.