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Making your business smarter

Every Scania we make is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. This means that we have hundreds of thousands of constantly connected vehicles and engines in use all over the world today – providing data that doesn’t only improve our engineering, but lets us create services which can provide you with direct business value.


Anything from lowering fuel consumption to reducing wear and maintenance needs, all the way to automating tedious administrative work. No matter if you operate a mixed, or all Scania fleet. Simply put – we focus on the data, so you can keep your focus on running your business.

Our Connected Services

Fleet Management Services

Scania Fleet Management consists of three different service packages: Monitoring, Control, and Data Access.


All three service packages share the following benefits:


Easy and fast 

  • Start up in minutes 
  • Quick access to fleet overviews  
  • Understand graphic reports at a glance 

Environmentally smart

  • View fuel consumption 
  • View C02 and other emissions 

Save money

  • Helps you make decisions that cut fuel consumption 
  • Identifies vehicles that are not being driven optimally 
  • Service Planning reduces unplanned downtime, saving mon

Tachograph Services

Scania Tachograph Services make regulatory compliance seamless and management analysis easier with automatic, secure, connected tachograph intelligence.


Sophisticated monitoring and reporting built-in, it is designed to help keep trucks, drivers, and roads safer – Compliance has never been easier. 

  • Monthly subscriptions - per vehicle
  • Simplified automated tachograph management
  • No additional hardware required
  • Avoid infringements and fines
  • Continuous legal analysis reports
  • All your data stored remotely and securely
  • Wireless, works remotely from anywhere
  • Reminders via SMS and e-mail
  • Compliant with Digital Tachograph and Smart Tachograph standards
  • Data available through Data Access

We divide our data driven services into three categories, to make it easier for you to find which services might best benefit your specific organization and operation. 


Services focused on analysing, correlating and presenting the data into comparable metrics that help you both day-to-day, and showing trends in your fleet over time. 


Services focused on providing you with data in a digital format. All the way from key core metrics in bite sized pieces, to all of it – for analysis by the FMS provider of your choice. 


Services focused on getting hands on with the data, where Scania representatives can help you directly improve or optimise your operations. 

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For more information on how to get started with our Connected Services please contact our team. 

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Scania fleet app

The fleet app brings your drivers and administrative staff closer together in the day-to-day operation, with features that benefit both. Anything from turning on the cab and engine heaters well before your shift begins, sending reports on issues or vehicle defects to the office staff – including reference photos.


The driver evaluation feature lets the drivers themselves see how they could improve driving efficiency, and all driver and vehicle data – including live position – is available via an easy map overview showing your geographical operational area. 

Scania Fleet

Manage your fleet easily, directly from your telephone or tablet. Includes access to current vehicles data and location, and a messaging function. 

Scania Fleet

Manage your fleet easily, directly from your telephone or tablet. Includes access to current vehicles data and location, and a messaging function. 

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