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Gas truck specifications

Alternative fuel sources

Scania's gas trucks use 9-litre or 13-litre Otto-cycle engines which burn methane as fuel. To increase its energy density, the methane may be compressed to 1% of its normal volume (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) or liquefied to reduce its volume by 600 times (LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas).


Natural Gas or Biogas can be used interchangeably, with natural gas delivering a 15-20% reduction in CO2 emissions, and biogas a CO2 reduction of up to 90%.


Scania's Euro 6 gas trucks also run more quietly relative to their diesel counterparts, achieving the requirements of the PIEK noise-limitation standard for night-time urban operations.

Compressed gas applications

The fuel tanks are available in units of 4x80L, 4x95L, or 4x118L tanks, offering a possible range of approximately 500 km. CNG is more widely available and has a simpler refuelling procedure relative to LNG. CNG tanks can be positioned 75mm above the frame, improving ground clearance and making them suitable for use on poor roads or construction sites.

Liquified gas applications

The high energy density of LNG opens up the possibility of using natural/bio-gas for long-range operations. With total tank capacities up to 1,100L, ranges of approximately 1,600 km are possible.

Match it right

Available for P/G/R/S-series cabs, and for both tractor and rigid truck chassis, three gas engines are available - making a gas-powered truck a viable option for many applications.


With power and torque outputs comparable to their diesel counterparts, Scania's quiet and efficient gas engines are an increasingly popular powertrain option.


The Scania 5-cylinder Euro 6 gas engine range saves space and weight without compromising performance or operating economy. With this Otto engine, count on a smooth, low noise driving experience.


· 260hp / 1,350Nm

· 340hp / 1,600Nm


The Scania 6-cylinder Euro 6 gas engine range saves space and weight without compromising performance or operating economy. This Otto engine provides a smooth but powerful driving experience.


· 410hp / 2,000Nm

Scania Opticruise

Scania Opticruise is one of the smoothest and smartest systems on the market.
For operations requiring extra control for specific manoeuvring, we have an additional performance step, Clutch on Demand. The addition of a clutch pedal provides convenience in special conditions; otherwise the system works as an ordinary automatic clutch system.

Scania Op­ti­cruise general features

  • Driver interface with all functions for gear changing and retarder control integrated in the right-hand steering wheel lever.
  • Adaptive shift strategy based on style of driving, load, and inclination of the road.
  • Comprehensive electronic protection keeps clutch wear to a minimum.
  • Several parameters can be adjusted by a Scania workshop to tailor the functionality to fit your specific needs. 

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