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Sustainable transport solutions

Optimise the transport system on different levels

Scania’s approach to sustainable transport rests on three pillars that aim to optimise the transport system on different levels: energy efficiency (optimising the vehicle and driving), renewable fuels and electrification (optimising the energy), and smart and safe transport (optimising the transport system).


Together with our unique flow thinking, this approach is making our customers’ operations cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital factor in reducing fuel and energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and pollution while increasing transport providers’ sustainability and profitability. 

We optimise the fuel efficiency of Scania vehicles while they are in use by continually improving the performance of our vehicles and powertrains. We support this with a range of services designed to further increase energy efficiency, such as driver training.

Renewable fuels and electrification

Renewable fuels and electrification can act together or separately, and they both have crucial roles to play.


Electrification is key to decarbonising transport in the long term. Today, our vehicle portfolio includes fully electric battery-powered trucks and buses, as well as hybrids. The market for electric vehicles is maturing faster in some areas than others, depending on local charging infrastructure availability. So in parallel to increasing our offering of new electric vehicles, we are also focused on reducing the carbon impact of vehicles already on the road by increasing the availability and promoting the use of renewable fuels.

For vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels can significantly reduce emissions. All our diesel vehicles can run on HVO without modification, and all our gas vehicles can run on biomethane – purified biogas. Renewable fuels can either be used alone or in combination with electrification in hybrid vehicles, for an even lower carbon impact.

Smart and safe transport

A truly sustainable transport system depends on smarter and safer mobility. Based on the real-time data we gather from our connected Scania vehicles, we develop smart, highly customised services that lower fuel consumption and maximise vehicle uptime. These include driver training services designed to develop more fuel-efficient driving techniques as well as improving driver safety. Developing the digital connectivity of our vehicles is key to accelerating our shift towards being a more service-focused business, as well as laying the foundation for developing solutions based on automation.