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Power solutions for cleaner transports

Our range of gas-powered trucks are highly adaptable with great driveability, low fuel consumption and a driving range up to 1700 km. The range is suitable for city and regional transports, as well as long haulage applications.

Sustainable transport solutions

Our gas engines can be fuelled with both natural gas and biogas. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but an important transition tool for sustainable transport, since it opens for increased use of renewable biogas. Locally sourced biofuels in particular can significantly reduce carbon emissions across the entire fuel value chain from production to the tailpipe.

Engineering without compromise

Our gas trucks strike the perfect balance between low emissions, power and range. The 13-litre gas engine, with its full potential for long haulage, construction and urban operation, as well as the smooth, quiet powerhouse that is the 9-litre. Together, they enable us to offer clean, tailor-made fleet solutions.

Heavy-duty powertrain

Through generations, our gas engines have been continuously improved. So much so that today they virtually match the performance and torque of a diesel engine. The engines are available for compressed or liquefied gas in the following ratings: 280 hp, 340 hp and 410 hp.

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