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Gas Trucks

Powerful solutions for cleaner transports

Our range of gas powered trucks are highly adaptable with great driveability and low fuel consumption and a driving range up to 1800 km. 


Our range of gas trucks are available with L/P/G/R/S-series cabs, meaning that they can be used for urban rigid operations, all the way through to long-distance haulage.

Significantly reduced impact

It’s no secret that transport is a major source of fossil CO2 emissions. But being a major source also comes with the ability to achieve major reductions. Learn more about Scania’s approach to sustainable transport.


Engineering without compromise

Our gas-powered trucks strike the perfect balance between low emissions, power and range – the 13-litre gas engine with its full potential for long haulage, construction, and urban operation, and the smooth, quiet powerhouse that is the 9-litre. Together, they enable us to offer clean, low carbon and tailor-made fleet solutions. 

Alternative fuel sources

The first thing to say is that both gases are methane and the source can be both natural gas or renewable biomethane gas. Both can be used in parallel, making any switch from one to the other a straightforward and easy transition. One unit of liquefied gas energy takes up three times less volume than one unit of compressed gas energy. Simply, this means liquefied methane is denser and you can, therefore, get more energy on a vehicle than with compressed methane gas. Read more about renewable fuels.

Empowered engines

Scania gas engines are known for their fuel efficiency, a typical semi­trailer tractor can achieve a driving range of approximately 1800 kilometers. With biomethane in the tanks, the CO2 reduction is 50-90%, typically 80% from a well-to-wheel perspective compared to normal diesel. It is possible to specify our gas engines to meet strict noise regulations such as the PIEK-standard Quiet Truck in Europe. 


5% more fuel efficient biomethane engines

Our updated 13-litre biomethane engines now offer more powerful engine options, and by coupling them with components from our Super-based powertrain, they are 5% more fuel efficient compared to our former generation. Please find a chart with engine data in press release.

Gas engine in detail

Heavy-duty powertrain

Through generations, our gas engines have been continuously improved. So much so that today they virtually match the performance and torque of a diesel engine. 


Scania's gas trucks use 9-litre or 13-litre Otto-cycle engines which burn methane as fuel. The engines are available for compressed or liquefied gas, you can choose from a power band from 280 to 460 hp depending on your operation.

Service solutions

Scania help assure your performance with a wide range of services tailored to your specific operations. Whatever could improve your profitability, you’ll find a Scania service solution to provide it. 

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