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Kristoffer test how vehicles respond to a changing environment

After computer engineering studies at Chalmers University of Technology, Kristoffer Skjutar worked as a consultant, but felt fragmented. Searching for long-term involvement in agile connectivity development, a YouTube presentation about Scania Fleet Management caught his eye. 


“First, I feared that a big corporation like Scania would tie me down, but now I saw opportunities to use my skills in a new world of big data. A chance to really be a part of a historic transition of the transport industry.” 


After six years at Scania, he is a system developer  working with digital infrastructures to enable advanced automation of transports. With tools like AWS, Terraform, GitLab and Kafka his team creates digital foundations for development and service for many stakeholders within Scania. His quite new and multiple team's department, between R&D and the market, is quick and agile in launching new solutions for driving change through digitalisation. Kristoffer’s main responsibility is the area of simulations, to test how vehicles respond to a changing environment, based on data collected through its sensors. 


“I truly enjoy working in my team of nice and very skilled people. We quickly adapt to changes as we, for real, make a big difference for our customers and for future development.”