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My name is Kewser Jemal Said

“Variety and challenges are what motivate me. With this job you need to keep updating your knowledge. I like that,” says Scania Software Developer Kewser Jemal Said. 


Kewser has had quite a journey to her job at Scania. Originally from Eritrea, she came to Sweden from Egypt in 2013 through the UN refugee programme. Since then her career’s been on the up, as befits someone who describes herself as “easily bored” and always ready for new challenges.


Yet she nearly didn’t join Scania at all.


“Three years ago, I was about to graduate in Information and Communication Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I’d originally planned to do a master’s in machine learning, but I read about Scania’s Talent Program and I thought: ‘Let’s apply’.”


Kewser soon found that Scania Connected Services was to her liking. Now she’s a Full-Stack Developer for a team focused on providing access to performance and service data for Scania’s customers.


“After three years I feel that I could be at Scania another ten years or more. The way of working is amazing because we’re so near to the customers. You meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and you feel that you belong to the team. I can do whatever job I want at Scania. I'm really proud to be here.”

Kewser's Blog: Developing myself in an awesome team – every day!

I started to work at Scania in 2018, as one of the chosen graduates of the IT Talent programme, with a fresh university degree from the Information, communication and technology programme at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. I joined a team that exposes Scania’s data through APIs to its customers. This is my journey.