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Scrum master Gustav’s team gathers diverse data science skills


Senior Developer Gustav Rånby wants to be where it matters and do good. May it be coaching high quality development teams at Scania, or as an aeroplane pilot on voluntary search & rescue missions in his spare time.


Gustav pursued his interest in AI and Big Data at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm where he took his M.Sc. in Engineering 2001. Then he plunged into programming and learned the importance of high-quality code.


“I started with Scania 2010 as responsible developer for the graph database engine in OAS, the digital structure for Scania’s fantastic modular system. It is now a prerequisite for development of hardware and software components, and our ordering system. 


He believes it is key that developers have their code put to production at a high pace, to stay focused and relevant.


“With weekly releases we created an advanced test cycle, with a high automation level for validation, and make good use of the millions of lines of the high-quality code we had created.”


Scrum master Gustav’s team gathers diverse data science skills. The mission is to gain insights from massive vehicle data. He also has a growing interest in team performance:


“As senior developer I get to work also with the mechanisms of team development, how to optimise cooperation, which I find very rewarding.”