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"I hope to inspire others to join the ‘JavaScript world’”

“I am inspired to learn new stuff while making real difference in this huge company, and I hope to inspire others to join the ‘JavaScript world’.” Says Gaon Yang, front-end developer at Scania.


“I really feel I contribute to the digital transition that Scania is in, and I learn so much developing our new design system. It’s awesome!


Gaon feels privileged in her current position at Scania. She really likes what she does and her team although she is not an IT scholar from start.


“I took a two-year digital creative course at Hyper Island in Stockholm. But I’m very much self-taught in programming. I’ve attended many free online courses, like Pink Programming, and I always have my small projects on the side.”


She studied literature and linguistics in Seoul, South Korea. A Swedish friend introduced her to a game company in Sweden, for translations for the Korean market. This made Gaon dare to change her path and move to Stockholm in 2015.


“They offered me a job as game tester. As I had grown to like my new situation and work life in Sweden I decided to stay. Now I live with my partner in Stockholm City.”


Gaon’s fascination for the digital world grew. She moved on to work with programming for smaller start-ups and bigger firms before she eventually was recruited by Scania IT department, through LinkedIn.