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"I serve as a link between algorithm theory and people"


Developer Filip Körling has been into digital technology since the 90s. Finishing school in Sweden, he studied IT at the renowned Washington and Lee University, Virginia. He was hooked for life, but not impressed about the higher IT tech educations offered in Sweden back then. Until he dived into computer science and algorithms at the University of Lund. Skilled in both theory and practice of computing he became a consultant.


Filip came to Scania recently but feels very confident as a senior developer, filling gaps between recent AI technology and practical computing. His team have a great skill span and works mainly with cloud solutions in AWS and Java.


“Many young specialist lack deeper knowledge about how hardware and software are integrated on a deeper level. With my long and broad experience, as problem solving consultant, I serve as a link between algorithm theory and people on the infrastructure side.”


Filip and family now live in Stockholm city, a great place to explore his passion for fine food, and he really enjoys the Scania culture, which he describes as outstanding.


“With my experience from many big companies, this is what I was looking for. Scania understands the importance of computer science development, and you actually feel the trust and confidence working here.”