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Transport and the Agenda 2030

The World has united around 17 sustainable development goals, for all people and all sectors of society. Scania’s contribution to the achievement of these goals is to translate them into sustainable business solutions. 

Agenda 2030 is as a shared agenda requiring collaboration between government, business and the wider civil society. We believe that the 17 goals have the potential to deliver transformative change for both societies and business. 

An effective transport system is fundamental to a competitive and resilient economy. The efficient flow of goods and people is a critical enabler of development outcomes, contributing to food security, education, poverty reduction, inclusive growth and more. At the same time, transport in its current form is associated with negative impacts, such as CO2 emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion and road accidents. Efficient and green transport solutions are not available to all. In the coming years, we have the opportunity to develop a sustainable transport system that meets the needs of societies, cities and communities to move people and goods. A transport system that connects people, builds markets and drives economic and social development accessible to all. Transport systems should be developed to maximise impact on quality of life for people through being safe, affordable and accessible, but also through minimising negative impact on people and their livelihoods. We must consider the impact of the transport solutions on the sustainable development goals from a life cycle perspective – from the extraction of the raw materials all the way to end of life.  


Combatting climate change and its associated impacts is currently the main priority for the transport sector. Scania ‘s strategic direction is to Drive the Shift towards a sustainable transport system. We are a part of the problem, but together with others we are also part of the solution.


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