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Outbound and integrated haulage

Optimal for both off-road and road-legal driving, the high payload capabilities of Scania powertrains and chassis give you a uniquely versatile direct pit to port haulage solution – resulting in lower outbound emissions, fewer changeovers, and better margins on the road.

Our solutions are fully customizable to your driving conditions, payloads, and operational demands. Choose the right power, torque and axle configuration to get the job done with low cycle time and high uptime. 


With easy serviceability and the option of dedicated on-site servicing, we’ll keep your material moving for longer and further than ever before.

Integrated haulage

The Scania powertrain’s unique combined capabilities for both robust off-road driving and fuel-efficient long-haul application deliver new integrated haulage possibilities. 

For example, it means that you can load your Scania truck in the pit and drive directly to the port with lead distances of up 50 km, reducing rehandling at your pit’s run-of-mine pile and eliminating associated costs. It’s lean, efficient, and opens new logistical possibilities across your chain.

Off-road outbound

Scania’s customised mining trucks can haul a total combined weight of up to 300 tonnes in tough off-road conditions and challenging topographies. 

This is achieved through a versatile chassis that gives you almost infinite layout possibilities, and a powertrain that you can depend on for optimal off-road performance, stamina and drivability, time and again.

Public-road outbound

Scania offers a wide range of sustainable powertrain options suited to both regional and national long haul from groundbreaking diesel fuel-efficiency to bio-fuels and fully electric powertrains for regional haul​​.

This is combined with a tailored chassis solution that is optimised for both payload potential and local road safety legislation, ensuring expectations for efficient and safe transport are met.

For mining business that never stops

When you’re working in remote areas with insufficient infrastructure, the smartest solutions are required to tackle everything from dependability to logistics. 

Driving conditions, payload, and fuel consumption are all part of the equation when we specify the perfect vehicle together. 

Easier serviceability

The service-friendly design of Scania trucks combined with our unique spare parts guarantee contributes to unrivalled high vehicle availability. 

This gives you a fleet capable of delivering relentless production around the clock.

Take the roadtrain

When you want to improve efficiency and uptime rates, as well as reduce running costs, Scania is the industry’s leading choice. 

Our trucks are tailored to your operating needs and we’ll give you the power and efficiency to turn your outbound operations into profitable business.


With many years experience, Scania’s modular range of truck chassis offers almost limitless scope for customisation. Frames with single members are available, as well as flitched frames in several strengths.


High-torque output and outstanding fuel economy are a few of the benefits of Scania’s renowned engines. The comprehensive range is available with power outputs up to the V8’s legendary 770 hp – the world’s strongest commercial engine. 

Heavy-Duty Gearbox

Experience the ultimate driveability and control with the heavy-duty Opticruise G-range, giving you higher output torque, superior startability and fast axle gearing with high payloads in the toughest operating terrains.

Hauling 2000 tonnes of ore daily on electric power

66-tonne electric Scania truck helps Verdalskalk cut CO2 emissions

Think big,

act small

Maximum uptime with dedicated on-site servicing

Scania Super

The Scania Super sets a world-leading standard for fuel efficiency, with groundbreaking 8% fuel savings on the Euro 6 engine range. Through enhanced component robustness, including extended service intervals, the Super also delivers a new benchmark for your operational uptime – making a real difference not only in the field, but also on your bottom line.

Scania V8

The legendary Scania V8 provides the power needed for the most demanding jobs with outstanding fuel efficiency, operating economy and uptime. With fuel savings of up to 6%, the latest V8 Euro 6 engine powertrain also delivers a power output up to 770 hp – the world’s strongest commercial engine. It’s the perfect fit for mining operations that demand efficient road-going haulage of longer and heavier truck combinations. 

Battery Electric Vehicles

Scania’s battery electric truck generation delivers a 100% emission-free regional haulage solution for mining operators. With a range of 250 km range at 64 tonnes max GTW, Scania’s triple electric machine powertrain also provides ample electromechanical PTO, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of power-hungry applications such as hook lifts.

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