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When emotion meets logic

V8 Truck range

The new Scania V8 engine is the starting point for an incredible driving experience that also drives your business. Where amazing driveability co-exists with outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. And where the legendary engine sound reveals incomparable power and robustness. This is where emotion meets logic.

The V8 engine

The Scania V8 is the high-performance benchmark. It’s the perfect fit for operations in need of the efficiency, power and performance that only a Scania V8 can deliver. The Euro 6 V8 16-litre diesel engines are approved to run on up to 100% HVO, and some can run on 100% biodiesel. Choose between 520 hp, 580 hp, 650 hp or the mighty 730 hp.

Exterior styling

When you are driving a Scania V8 it means that you are driving a premium truck with a premium engine. And that should be visible as well. If the sound and the power is not obvious enough, the V8 styling will past nobody unnoticed.

Interior styling

In a Scania V8 every aspect of seating, accommodation and storage has been perfected. The result: an impeccable interior that combines home comfort with total practicality. The interior options include fluted black leather seats with an embossed V8 symbol and red stitching. The black leather steering wheel with red stitching adds an extra dimension to the driving experience.

Clothing collection

With the legend in mind, our V8 collection combines quality with a bold design. Discover our complete range of clothing and accessories at 

Scania V8 around the world

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