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When emotion meets logic

V8 Truck range

The new Scania V8 powertrain kickstarts an incredible driving experience. This is where amazing driveability co-exists with outstanding performance, increased uptime and fuel efficiency. By combining the updated engine range with an all-new Opticruise gearbox, fuel savings of up to 6% can be achieved. And the legendary engine sound reveals incomparable power and robustness like never before. This is where emotion meets logic.

The engineering solutions that make the efficient power of the new V8 possible

Scania’s new V8 proved to be so powerful in tests on uphill slopes that it had to be reined in. Here, some of the key project insiders recount some of the highlights from the development of the updated V8 and the new gearbox. 

Living with the new 770 hp King of the Road

Not by any stretch of the imagination, Norwegian truck driver Rolf Aakvik could come up with the idea he would be involved in developing the world´s strongest truck. Yet that was exactly what happened.

The customer’s verdict on 770 hp: “You can really feel those extra 40 hp”

In the south east of Finland, close to the Russian border, a 76-tonne lumber transport slowly crawls out of the forest. With the world’s strongest truck engine under his feet, Harri Aho sets off to the paper mill in Inkeroinen.

Faster, safer and more cost-efficient V8 with a new gearbox

For nearly 30 years, Lars Johansson has hauled timber from forest to sawmill in northern Sweden. With Scania’s new V8 engine and the completely new gearbox, he can do it quicker, safer and cheaper than before.

Exterior styling

When you are driving a Scania V8 it means that you are driving a premium truck with a premium engine. And that should be visible as well. If the sound and the power is not obvious enough, the V8 styling will past nobody unnoticed.

Interior styling

In a Scania V8 every aspect of seating, accommodation and storage has been perfected. The result: an impeccable interior that combines home comfort with total practicality. The interior options include fluted black leather seats with an embossed V8 symbol and red stitching. The black leather steering wheel with red stitching adds an extra dimension to the driving experience.

Clothing collection

With the legend in mind, our V8 collection combines quality with a bold design. Discover our complete range of clothing and accessories at our webshop

Scania V8 around the world

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