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In-pit haulage

When you need to maximise your in-pit productivity, the choice is simple. 

Scania’s reliable and robust in-pit heavy tippers and mining trucks are engineered to keep your payloads moving in even the toughest driving conditions.


Through enhanced robust and a low weight design, our in-pit haulers give you unrivalled high load-bearing capabilities. Together with world-leading fuel economy, you can expect impressive margins in the field and on your bottom line. 

The power of many

By increasing the number of moving parts across your chain, together with the industry’s lowest total operating economy, our agile in-pit haulers deliver you far lower cycle times compared conventional mine haulage solutions.

One of our customers was able to reduce in-pit cycle time from 90 to 50 minutes based upon a customised product and analysis of the total operation cycle.

World-leading fuel economy

The Scania Super and V8 are the world’s most fuel-efficient engines in their class. 

When specified with our heavy-duty gearbox range, the result is an off-road powertrain unlike any other – giving you uncompromising performance and unbeatable fuel economy in the toughest in-pit operations with high payloads.

High uptime

Through enhanced powertrain robustness, Scania’s in-pit mining trucks are engineered to keep your production rolling longer beyond the industry average. 

This contributes to extended service intervals which, together with the easier serviceability of our vehicles, give you among ​the lowest repair and maintenance costs in the industry.

Unrivalled agility

Scania powertrains are engineered to give you unrivalled manoeuvrability and driveability in the field, delivering higher ground clearance, a tighter turning radius and the quietest and smoothest drive in the mining industry.

Scania services

With Scania's wide range of repair and maintenance contracts your mining fleet is in the safest possible hands.

From powertrain protection to full bumper to bumper coverage or bodywork and auxiliary equipment – it’s all covered. Through Scania’s connected vehicle diagnostics, you can stay ahead of downtime risks before they affect your production.

Tailored to mining operations

Scania's tailored solutions are built on the foundation of precise analysis of your mine, operations and business. 

Using Scania Site Mapping, we measure roads and transport operations to recommend optimal solutions, while Scania Service Mapping improves service setups, enhancing the availability and lifespan of your fleet.

Electric vehicles for in-pit mining

Improving powertrain fuel efficiency of in-pit haulers is the first crucial step on a pathway to zero-emissions electric mining operations.

Scania is leading the development of battery-powered electric in-pit vehicles together with mining partners, ensuring that in-pit performance, productivity, and safety standards are all up to the grade. 


This includes the live operational trial of one of the world’s first fully electric in-pit heavy tippers together with Sweden’s LKAB. 

Safety is essential

At Scania, safety is top priority. 

Our trucks are rigorously tested to meet the toughest safety standards in the world. All the way from the cab which is built around a rigid steel cage, to the active safety systems, Scania mining trucks are designed to ensure a high level of safety from every perspective.

Driver comfort

Scania cabs are designed with the driver in mind. 

Coupled with our advanced powertrain technologies that offer the smoothest drive and lower noise emissions, the result is an ergonomic and spacious workplace even for driving long hours in tough and rocky mining environments. 

Think big,

act small

Scania mining heavy tipper

The Scania 8x4 Heavy Tipper is a robust and fuel-efficient hauler made for high payloads and meeting the extreme demands of tough in-pit and underground mining.

Its unrivalled agility, driveability and higher ground clearance give you better margins in the field. While its lower emissions and lower cost per tonne give your mining business the best possible outlook for tomorrow. 


All Scania mining trucks can be powered by Euro 5 or 6 engines that run on up to 100% of HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or FAME type fuels (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), offering CO2-reductions of up to 90%. There are also alternatives with LNG or CNG for natural or biogas propulsion.

Scania XT

Through a tough exterior and a range of powerful features, the XT gives you maximum uptime and productivity in the most hard-wearing environments. It is available on Scania’s entire engine programme, including the groundbreaking 13-litre Scania Super.

Scania’s robust XT range stands ready to take on the toughest in-pit and underground mining challenges. 

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