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Low entry

Scania Citywide

The low entry Scania Citywide is designed and produced by Scania. Everything from the chassis construction to the powertrain and the body has been developed and thoroughly tested with a focus on reliability and performance without compromising on energy efficiency.

Chassis frame

The strengthened front axle, in combination with the ability to now use wider tyres, means that load capacity is increased from 7.1 to 8.2 tonnes. This allows for higher passenger capacity. It also enables optimised weight distribution between the front and rear axles, which is especially important for gas and electric vehicles. Additionally, chassis weight has been reduced by 2% (>100 kg) without compromising on robustness, contributing to lower fuel consumption.

Cut-to-length concept

Our flexible bus lengths in 100 mm increments enables tailor-made layouts. Each 100 mm body section equals 100 kg and a potential fuel saving of 0.3%.

Climate system

Our highly efficient climate system minimises energy consumption, regardless of climate. The cooling recovery system returns energy back into the system providing energy efficient airflow and climate control. The cooling system is also separate from that of the powertrain, resulting in a comfortable environment at all times.

Safety features

Scania buses have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) including vulnerable road user collision warning, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, attention support, and advanced emergency brake. Further, electro-pneumatic parking brake technology avoids unintentional bus motion and thus potential accidents. Through reinforced body and chassis construction, our buses are built to protect passengers, drivers and sensitive components.

Product options

The low entry Scania Citywide is available in 2-axle, 3-axle and articulated versions, in different lengths from 10.9 m to 18.1 m and several door configurations. For more options see also Scania Citywide low floor, Scania low floor C-chassis, Scania low entry K-chassis, Scania Interlink and Scania high floor K-chassis for urban transport operations.

Hybrid electric



9-litre engine 320 hp
Electric motor 130 kW


3.19 m

Biogas, Natural gas


9-litre 280 hp
9-litre 340 hp


1260-1875 litres


3.40 m

Biodiesel (FAME), HVO, diesel

7-litre 280 hp
9-litre 280 hp
9-litre 320 hp
9-litre 360 hp


140-360 litres (usable volume)
450 - 560 litres (usable volume), articulated


3.31 m

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