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Bus systems by Scania

Backed by 100 years of experience in bus operations, Bus Systems by Scania helps solve today’s urban mobility challenges. Scania offers cost-efficient and sustainable BRT-solutions that give cities the flexibility and control to scale public transport operations according to needs.

A solution for your need

No single vehicle specification fits all bus systems. Developing the right fleet for your city is about achieving the right mix. The buses are customised to achieve the best in passenger capacity, interior layout and other key criteria. And, together with different partners we develop unique solutions for fare collection, real-time tracking and infrastructure planning, just to mention a few.

BRT Expertise and financing

With deep traffic planning and infrastructure expertise we can provide our customers with consultancy services, analysing and optimising the bus system. We support in defining ticketing system and giving advice on concept and supplier. We also offer financing solutions that suits your specific business.

Renewable fuels and electrification

We offer engines for all commercially available renewable and conventional fuels and provide advice and expertise. From pre-study to implementation. It includes sustainability evaluation, fuel infrastructure and fuel supply partners as well as regulatory advice.

Services & Parts

With comprehensive maintenance plans, accident repair and uptime warranty, you can expect maximum productivity and minimum costs. Our experts track the data from your business to identify causes of unplanned stops, so you can tackle the root causes and improve your fleet availability. Also, Scania provides customised driver training & coaching and flexible maintenance plans.

Bus Systems by Scania around the world

Different countries require different solutions. For more detailed information or to explore Scania´s offering in your country - go to your local site. To learn more about Scania´s global offering, contact our global sales team.

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