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Electric bus solutions

Urban power

At Scania, we embrace the power of the city. The pulse, the everyday commute, the people who are relying on daily public transportation to work seamlessly – and sustainably.

Cities are living beings made up by a collective of people, and our battery electric buses embody the power of collective movement – quite literally. But we offer far more than just vehicles: A holistic solution that defines the right products and services, and ensures the buses operate optimally. Quite simply, to ensure they are where they need to be, when they need to. 

A full solution from Scania

The buses we offer are part of a complete e-mobility solution covering vehicles, services and systems. All integrated, all tailor-made for each need and demand, and with Scania taking full responsibility for every part of it.

Covering every need

Want help with charging infrastructure planning? Need introductions to the right green energy partner? Would you benefit from operational planning support? Want to finance not only vehicles, but also charging infrastructure? Is repair and maintenance staff in place or would a Scania workshop on your premises be helpful? No matter the context – we’ve got you covered.

Optimised total cost of ownership

The full solution is also what determines the operating economy. When factoring in every detail in the long-term instead of looking at individual factors in the short-term – it’s clear that the Scania focus on energy efficiency, reliability and smart digital services are all key for providing the best return-on-investment.

Vehicle, system, services - a three part solution

We define our solution into three parts, each with multiple parts or components.

Vehicle System Service

- Portfolio of vehicle options

- Operational analysis

- Uptime services

- Component updates

- Site energy analysis

- Fleet management services

- Charging connections

- Charging hardware and software

- Driver training

- Product financing

- Installation, commissioning, and support

- Ecosystem services

- Etc.

- Etc.

- Etc.

What solution is right for the people of your city?

The right solution starts from the prerequisites and the demands in the tender process. We’d be happy to straighten out any question marks and help guide the process towards the best possible solution. 

Our battery electric bus platform

Sustainable batteries – up to 520 kWh and > 500 km

Our buses come with high-capacity battery packs in both a 4-pack (416 kWh) and 5-pack (520 kWh) configuration option which enables a range of over 500 km in optimal conditions. The batteries are built for great energy storage capacity per weight unit, and the cells are developed in collaboration with Northvolt – resulting in the most sustainable heavy commercial vehicle batteries on the market, from both an environmental and social perspective.

For cities all over the world

The low-entry electric bus comes in two different chassis widths – 2500 and 2550 mm – and is suitable for usage all over the world in both medium and heavy-duty operations, in both Class I and Class II. Additionally, the two different axle gears available provide ratio options that work in even the most challenging topography.

Smart, connected and future proof

Connected digital solutions enhance your vehicles with everything from advanced safety features and remote diagnostics, to real-time maps and geofencing functionality. And to help drivers quickly adopt the new technology, the Smart Dash provides the ultimate interface for confident electric operation in every sense – with a seamless user centric and dynamic approach. With continuous wireless updates and full integration in your fleet management tools – your are future proof from the start. 

Even safer – inside and out

Our multiple advanced state-of-the-art driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the safest possible operation for the driver, the passengers and surrounding traffic – while of course meeting the strict EU safety regulations for heavy commercial vehicles.

Faster charging

Our updated battery packs and battery management system allows faster charging than ever before – and the new charging port placement makes it more convenient as well.

Improved electric machine

Not only is our new electric machine more powerful  – it comes with a new integrated cooling system and an updated control system which meets the highest cyber security demands.

Low entry 4x2 BEV

Technical information and specifications


Low entry


Wheel configuration



Chassis width

2500 mm & 2550 mm



300 kW peak, 230 kW continuous


Battery capacity

416 kWh (4 battery pack)

520 kWh (5 battery pack)



CCS type 2



Installed capacity: 520 kWh

Range: > 500 km*

Charge time: ~ 170 min (200A)



Installed capacity: 416 kWh                                                                                     

Range: > 400 km*                                                                              

Charge time: ~ 150 min (200A)



* Range calculation under optimal conditions

Please visit our chassis product page for further technical information.

Responsible business demands responsible batteries

When it comes to electric vehicles, there’s always one burning question: “But what about the batteries?” And we agree, that is most definitely a key question.


Battery discussions are relevant both in terms of range, capacity, battery management and charging speed – but also in terms of how they’re made, how the raw materials are sourced, and what happens to them after they’re no longer fit for the vehicle.


Our battery packs are built in-house using battery cells developed through a close partnership with Northvolt – a supplier that matches our ambitions in terms of sustainability leadership. Together we create batteries for heavy commercial vehicles that not only have great capacity and a long service life – but are also climate conscious for their full life cycle, taking second life and recycling into account. 

Questions about our engineering solutions and possibilities?

With tailor-made solutions as a core value, all Scania vehicles provide a strong basis for reliable, efficient, and very flexible solutions when it comes to both the hardware and services offering. If you have thoughts on how to use the Scania platform to build the right bus for you – we’d love to get into the details.

Charging and e-mobility solutions

Finding the right charging solution for a specific need can feel like a demanding undertaking, but we will be there as a guide throughout the whole process – from start to finish.

We identify which routes would be suitable for electrification, in which order to electrify and lay the foundation for an electrification roadmap. 

The energy analysis looks at the feasibility of charging strategies – how and when to best charge the vehicles.

Charging hardware comes in many types and capabilities which can be combined in countless ways – we need to choose the right hardware for the solution as a whole. 

Getting the most capacity out of the available power grid and charging hardware is up to the CMS, and the more advanced systems can not only and intelligently schedule charging to avoid peak energy prices, but also pre-condition the vehicles so they are ready to go when they’re needed.  

In parallel, we find a partner for the deployment and do site assessments. Where to place the chargers, what cable routing is needed, and evaluate if grid capacity needs to be increased. 

And as a final step, we set up an appropriate support and repair and maintenance contract for the operation – with multiple levels of support and availability, both remote and on-site.

Our services offer

With battery electric operation, the challenges are new, and both proper training and the use of digital services is more important than ever to fully learn and optimise the operation for maximum range, vehicle life and a minimised total cost of ownership. As such, our goal is to turn the complex into simple, and ensure that our customers always feel confident and well-supported in their operations. 

Financing and insurance

We have developed a financing offering that covers not only vehicle costs, but also charging infrastructure investments, insurance tailored for electric vehicles, and which is available with multiple payment models. 

Uptime services

Well-scheduled periodic maintenance and quick and accessible repairs are available through our best-in-class global service network with high-voltage certified mechanics. And thanks to our modular system – we have steady parts availability for repairs.

BEV control package

With our BEV-focused package of digital services, you can use My Scania to access features such as:

  • Fleet Position
  • Monitoring Report
  • Vehicle Performance and Environmental Report
  • Range Support
  • Departure Scheduling
  • Service Planning

Driver services

Driver behaviour influences not only traffic safety and wear and tear of the vehicle, but as much as 15% of the energy consumption – affecting range and energy costs. Our driver training is specialised to deliver maximised uptime and safety, long vehicle life and full range utilisation. The on-board Smart Dash further supports the driver through Driver Evaluation integration – continuously assessing and feeding back on the driving style with optimisation and improvement tips. 

Fleet management and ecosystem services

My Scania provides easy and convenient access to our digital services for fleet managers and administrators. You will find everything from route planning, position and tracking, service and maintenance planning, to driver evaluations and charging access management.

For drivers, we also offer the Scania Driver app – with features such as driver score and tips on how to improve further, as well as simplifying workflows like checklists and defect report handling.

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