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Low floor

Scania C-chassis

The low floor Scania C-chassis meet the needs of operators on every continent. With total design and production control over chassis and powertrain, Scania delivers unrivalled reliability, durability and performance.


Without compromising on passenger capacity, the new independent front suspension offers excellent passenger comfort and enables a wider aisle (900 mm). This results in new layout possibilities, increased passenger flow, space and accessibility.


Offers excellent ergonomics through all angle step-less seat adjustments, adjustable instrument panel, flexible switch placement . A lower instrument panel increases visibility. The buses have excellent drivability with a great turning radius, advanced driver assistance systems, and improved assisted handling, steering and braking. Also, they offer increased safety, a better climate system and good noise and vibration reduction.

Passenger capacity

The chassis enable a technical capacity of up to 100 passengers. This is achieved through very high axle load capacity, reduced weight, and by not carrying excessive battery weight. The high passenger capacity figure can contribute to a more efficient public transport system and potentially keep costs down by minimising total vehicle fleet investments.

Battery temperature control

Handled by a closed water cooling system that, in extreme ambient temperatures, is assisted by an electric heater or an AC cooling respectively. This AC is integrated in the battery cooling circuit but separated from the passenger and driver AC, resulting in an unaffected passenger environment. These solutions enable propulsion without power limitation in temperatures from -35°C to +40°, for all conditions up to 16% slopes.

Product options

The low floor Scania C-chassis is available in 2-axle and articulated versions, both with independent front suspension or rigid front axle. For more options see also Scania Citywide low floor, Scania Citywide low entry, Scania low entry K-chassis, Scania Interlink and Scania high floor K-chassis for urban transport operations.

Fully electric


300 kW peak
250 kW continuous


264 kWh or 330 kWh


In-route and/or depot

Biogas, Natural gas


9-litre 280 hp
9-litre 340 hp


1260-1875 litres

Biodiesel (FAME), HVO, diesel

7-litre 280 hp
9-litre 320 hp


140-360 litres  (usable volume)

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