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Autonomous mining solutions

Scania innovates with the customer perspective in mind. The benefits of utilising Scania’s autonomous mining solutions are potential cost savings, increased productivity, improved safety, and reduced environmental impact.


Our trucks have several potential advantages over traditional heavy haulage trucks, both in terms of emissions and productivity. A smaller truck solution means faster operations with less waste. Scania is developing a scalable autonomous tipper solution with all the necessary features and capabilities. 

Increased efficiency

Scania’s autonomous mining trucks are being developed to operate 24/7, reducing the number of trucks required and increasing productivity. As the trucks operate without a driver, they reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and can make up for driver shortage. Our trucks monitor their own performance and schedule maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. They can navigate difficult terrain and weather conditions and are able to use fuel more efficiently, which has a positive impact on the environment.


With Scania’s autonomous mining solutions, mining companies can potentially reduce energy and infrastructure requirements, capital and operating expenses, as well as their environmental footprint. 

Advanced technologies

Autonomous trucks used in mining operations follow pre-determined routes to move materials from the mining site to storage or processing sites. The trucks employ advanced technologies such as GPS, lidars, and sensors to gather real-time data and transmit it to a central control system. The central system uses this information to make intelligent decisions about routing, maintenance, and productivity.


Autonomous mining vehicles follow planned routes, evade obstacles, and make quick decisions to increase efficiency and safety. These systems allow for remote equipment monitoring and control, reducing the need for humans in hazardous mining environments. As a result, mining operations become more efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

Take a look behind the scenes

At Scania Demo Centre’s Gläntan circuit in Södertälje, Sweden we’re testing autonomous trucks for mining applications.

Accelerate with partnerships

Together with leading technology suppliers, Scania is driving the development of autonomous transport solutions. Watch Scania's autonomous truck driving in Rio Tinto's mine in Australia. 

Discover more autonomous solutions from Scania


Scania is developing and piloting autonomous hub-to-hub solutions. By this we can improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and environmental footprint for our customers.