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A new frontier in battery technology

Safe, efficient, individually replaceable and twice as powerful. Scania’s latest battery packs are a huge step forward from the previous generation, and are crucial enablers of the transition to battery-electric transport.

Did you know?


Safety has always been a part of Scania’s DNA. So of course, it’s also key in the transition to electric trucks. For example, the battery packs have been subjected to thorough crash tests along the development journey.


Here are some of the key safety features in Scania’s new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs):

  • The battery system is protected from fire by the aluminium casing and constant monitoring of the temperature inside the battery modules. If the temperature should increase too much, the cell is disconnected. Furthermore, the system prevents fire from spreading between the cells. 
  • The new battery structure is suspended from the chassis at four rubber suspension points. This reduces the vibrations that are transmitted from the chassis to the batteries, thereby increasing the lifespan of the batteries. 
  • The battery pack itself has a safety design in cast aluminium, which makes it very resistant to external forces.

Scania’s batteries can be repaired. This means that if cells within a module fail, they can be replaced individually. That also means that you don’t have to replace the entire module, or pack.


Repair and maintenance are carried out by Scania’s workshops, where staff have been trained and prepared to service all parts of the company’s electrification offer.


The batteries inside a Scania electric vehicle also combine the world’s greenest battery cells with battery packs and modules that have been developed for the energy and performance needs of heavy transport.

Scania’s new battery packs have twice as much energy content as the ones that were launched just over two years ago. One reason is that there are now more cells in each pack.


And, both the content of the batteries and the way they are manufactured has been improved. Today, the capacity of the batteries can be utilised to a greater extent than ever before. In addition, it costs less to produce the batteries due to a more efficient production process at higher volumes.

Scania’s thermal management system includes heat exchangers and a heat pump for the most efficient transfer of available heat energy from the ambient air and from available losses emitted from the electric machine, batteries and auxiliaries. This reduces the need to ‘steal’ energy from the batteries to generate heat and cool the batteries, cab and powertrain.


And the front of Scania’s BEVs is open to the elements, which allows efficient cooling from headwinds, making it possible to save electric energy to extend the range and save weight, and also increase the payload. 

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