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Summer job in Oskarshamn

If you are studying at upper-secondary high school, college or university and have turned 18 years old, you have the possibility to apply for summer jobs in Oskarshamn.

In Oskarshamn we manufacture all cabs for Scania’s European market. Scania Oskarshamn is a workplace where it is easy to feel involved and create contacts for the future.

If you find production fascinating, you can apply for a summer job at Scania in Oskarshamn. Production includes many different tasks, within different areas of production:


Press shop

A steel coil is cut and pressed into steel parts, which the cab is built from. The daily work consists of managing the various presses and packing the steel parts before they are transported to our Body shop.


Body shop

In the Body shop, the steel parts are welded together and built into a cab body. Work tasks consist of securing production by keeping automation and technology running.


Paint shops

Our cabs are painted in two different processes in our Primary paint shop and Topcoat paint shop. The processes in our paint shops are sensitive and work here includes ensuring quality in a challenging process that involves extensive technology, mixed with manual stations.


Assembly hall

Here, the cab interior is assembled, from cables to dashboard and seats. You work with many different materials and techniques to assemble a cab.



In logistics, or Material handling, the material is distributed to our production. Packing materials and driving forklifts are the main tasks here.

You can choose the areas where you are interested in working on the application form.


Your profile

If you are interested in production, and you are studying at upper-secondary high school, college or university, this is for you. You are curious and want to see how the business works. Positions are available in our workshops – Press shop, Body shop, Primary paint shop, Topcoat paint shop,Assembly hall, logistics and Material handling. Since we work two shifts, you must be 18 years old to work here.


Read more about our working hours below.



The application must include a CV, a personal letter and a copy of your grades.


The application period for summer jobs in Oskarshamn is January 6 – March 10, 2021. 


Working hours

Working hours in production are on a rotating schedule of two shifts. This means that we work morning shifts every two weeks and afternoon shifts every two weeks. In some areas night shifts may occur.

The working hours of the morning shift weeks are:

Monday – Thursday 06:24 – 15:12 and Friday 06:24 – 12:24

On the afternoon shift weeks, working hours are:

Monday – Thursday 15.12 – 23.12, and Friday 12.24 – 18.36