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Transport solutions

Scania is a true partnership-driven leader in the shift towards a sustainable transport system. So what better partnerships than those where we can demonstrate our products and solutions? We seek opportunities to improve driving efficiency using our knowledge and expertise. We strive to find ways to show our stakeholders how and why we all should act sustainably.

Where do we engage?

You might find us working in various types of partnerships – it could be a sports federation or team, a touring music act, a humanitarian organisation, an environmental conference, or a university announcing groundbreaking research on transport. The main objective is to create awareness and educate people on how a more sustainable transport system can contribute to a better world. Wherever we can get the opportunity to explain or showcase this, you will find us as a partner.


If you would like to be a partner with Scania, please be prepared to tell us how you and your organisation can help us educate the community on sustainable transport.


Our partners in transport solutions include: