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Education & skills

The STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is crucial for Scania’s long-term future. We are interested in partnerships that contribute to our work to capture the right skills for the future and aim to secure our long-term competence supply. We are eager to encourage young people in elementary school, high school and further education to become involved in STEM projects. We also run different programmes of our own or with business partners to take care of and develop the skills of our employees today.

Where do we engage?

We are interested in most STEM-related projects, but we put special focus on those partnerships where we can develop and discuss ideas about the shift towards a sustainable transport system. For very young students it could be about encouraging more of a broad interest in STEM subjects. But as they grow and become more receptive to information and knowledge about sustainability, we need partners that can help us develop the transport sector.


If you would be a partner with Scania in this area, please be prepared to tell us how you and your organisation can help us to get people interested in STEM subjects.


Our partners in education and skills include:

Sponsorship & community engagement

A sustainable society

The local player

Transport solutions