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Ski-team Sweden

Scania is the proud sponsor of Ski Team Sweden’s cross-country ski team. For the past ten years, we have been supporting the team as they travel throughout the world from August to April each year, training and taking part in the annual FIS Cross-Country World Cup series.

During our decade-long partnership, Scania’s sponsorship of the ski team has continued to expand, and now covers transport and equipment assistance as well as traditional sponsorship rights for brand exposure, hospitality, ski clinics and meet-and-greets. We communicate our engagement through our intranet, website, social media, PR department and sales force.


The two most striking examples of Scania and the cross-country ski team’s partnership centre on equipment and transport assistance.

In response to the challenging working conditions faced by the team’s ski waxing crew, Scania worked together with the waxers to develop a tailormade waxing trailer. The first version of the trailer was launched in 2008 and has continued to evolve ever since.


Today, Scania provides a truck and a working area for the ski waxing team that can be driven right into the competition arenas, making the ski racing team’s daily preparations so much easier. The ski waxing crew travels easily and sustainably with all their equipment.


Scania also educates the ski truck’s drivers on safe, fuel-efficient driving. During a ski season the truck is driven for thousands of kilometres, mostly around Europe. With Scania’s support, the driving happens in a much more efficient and sustainable manner.


Finally, Scania has been able to help the cross-country skiers with their travel requirements. We provide a specially adapted coach that meets the team’s need to travel safely, comfortably and sustainably between the various international venues hosting the Cross-Country World Cup series.

The latest in the cross-country ski team’s series of Scania coaches was unveiled in November 2019. The new 14-person vehicle has the most advanced ergonomic and energy-efficient technology, giving the team the best possible chance of gold while also minimising its environmental ‘ski-print’.