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Sponsorship & community engagement

Wherever we operate in the world, our engagement in the community is a great contribution but also a task that carries great responsibility. 

Why do we engage?

The people we meet around us are engaged, passionate and skilled. Scania’s Sponsorship and Community Engagement initiative is based on the firm belief that we can contribute to building a better community for all of us.

Who do we engage with?

We aim to be a partner in projects that support our vision and that share our values. We want to create partnerships that can be beneficial in more aspects than just pure business goals. That is why we look for long-term partners whose brave ideas will set the standards of tomorrow.

We have selected four areas of engagement:

  • Transport solutions
  • Education & skills
  • A sustainable society
  • The great local player


For more information about our strategy read below. To get in contact with us, email