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A sustainable society

Scania is a global business. That is why we see it as our responsibility to act in different situations and problems that appear wherever we are based. These may be situations that do not necessarily have anything to do with transport – but which nonetheless can deeply can affect the community of which we are a part. If the wider society has problems, we will find it hard to inspire people to think about transport solutions.

Where do we engage?

All business is local even though we live in a global world. Local problems and situations might appear suddenly and we are no strangers to helping out in the aftermath of natural disasters, and helping to prevent the spread of diseases. But we also engage in long-term projects to prevent bullying, support diversity, promote gender equality or support freedom of speech.


If possible, we would like our partnerships to be a platform for us to discuss sustainable transport solutions, but the main thing is to get society to function properly.


Our partners in sustainability include: