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Welcome to Scania

Our purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment.

Annual and sustainability report 2023

2023 was an eventful year for Scania. During the year we continued to deliver customer value and made good progress getting our vehicle order to delivery flows back on track. 

With some 58,000 employees in more than 100 countries,  Scania is a truly global player. At Scania you’ll be part of a company with over 130-year track record of innovation, as we continue on our ambitious journey to drive the shift towards sustainable transport.

The new, all-electric trucks are here, ready to bring new energy to your company. They have a range of up to 520 km, and come with smart digital services, charging solutions, and a wide network of workshops – ready with quality advice, service, and parts.

To work at a big, global company – what’s that really like? Meet Christine and David, Scania employees developing the system in the electric vehicle that communicates with the charger.

About four months after introducing the Super trucks in their operations, SNL recorded a 12%-15% reduction in fuel consumption. We are very happy about the result because it has met up to our expectations and beyond. 

SCA’s first electric timber truck is a Scania with a technical capability of up to 70 tonnes total weight. Every year, SCA transports about 8.5 million cubic metres of wood to industries.

Taiwan's wind energy sector, Chi Deh relies on Scania trucks for intricate wind turbine projects. For decades, Scania trucks have provided robust power and reliability, serving a pivotal role for precision in engineering operations.

Our updated 13-litre biomethane engines now offer more powerful engine options, and by coupling them with components from our Super-based powertrain, they are 5% more fuel efficient compared to our former generation.

Electrification is about more than the vehicles – it is everything from grid connections to charging units and management and financing the complete solution. Scania’s e-mobility solutions are designed according to specific needs, ensuring the right specifications, seamless integration and efficient performance.

By combining smart transport solutions, technological innovation and partnerships, we’re working to make sustainable transport a reality.

Our Science based targets commits us to reduce emissions at the scale and pace science dictates necessary to limit global warming.

Scania provides a wide range of safety solutions to protect drivers, passengers and fellow road users against the dangers of the road. 

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