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The world urgently needs to break the correlation between increasing demands for transport, and increasing carbon emissions, noise, congestion and accidents. Therefore we are researching, developing and promoting sustainable solutions for cleaner and safer transport of people and goods. 


Choosing from customised heavy trucks, buses, engines and services, our customers can build a variety of cost-efficient, low-carbon solutions.

We support transport companies across the world by delivering heavy trucks for each customer's need. We offer tailor-made solutions for 36 different applications including long-haulage, urban applications and construction.

We offer a complete range of buses and coaches and chassis, designed to meet any public transport need in any urban or rural environment. 

Our engines are famous for their reliability, endurance, power and economy. They´re designed to meet the toughest emissions regulations. 

We have an extensive service offering including workshop services, customised maintenance with flexible plans, finance and insurance solutions, driver training and coaching and services for support and management of customers' operations.

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Different parts of the world call for different solutions.

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