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Safety. Visibility. Comfort

Choose your cab

Safety, visibility and comfort are the three pillars on which all Scania cabs are built. Each model is carefully constructed according to extensive safety testing, aerodynamic optimisation and driver feedback. Whichever components you choose, you can always expect powerful, economical performance.



Our comprehensive gearbox range can be adapted to all types of transport. For improved drivability, our 8- and 12-speed gearboxes can be fitted with Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder.

​​Range-change gearboxes
Range-splitter gearboxes
Automatic gearboxes

The virtue of this gearbox lies in its simplicity. Rugged and compact, there are no crawler ratios and the smooth, positive action makes gearchanging easy. Options include Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.

This gearbox offers similar advantages, together with an extra crawler ratio. Based on a 4-speed box, plus a planetary section, its strength is more than a match for the high-torque output of any Scania inline engine. Options include Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.


This gearbox is built to tackle the most challenging terrain, making it the perfect choice for demanding long-haulage. Its closely stepped ratios combine light weight with ease of driving with exceptional operating economy.

For applications that demand extra low-speed pulling power, this gearbox has two extra crawler ratios. Designed for optimised economy, it has proved highly successful for both long-distance and regional distribution, as well as heavy construction applications. The overdrive versions offer higher torque capacity, plus overdrive for low and economic cruising revs. Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder, as well as a selection of power take-offs, are available for all range-splitter gearboxes.

Vehicles operating in busy urban areas with potentially high clutch-wear can benefit from a fully automatic transmission. These Scania-specified Allison units reduce snatches and shocks, making them well suited for frequent stopping, starting and rapid acceleration. Powertrains with engines up to 490 hp can be fitted with Allison automatic gearboxes. 


For greater service life, each gearbox is equipped with specialist software, and options include a selection of power take-offs.

Axle configuration and chassis height

​Scania offers a wide range of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axle vehicles with different chassis heights. We also have a broad selection of front, rear and fixed and steered tag axles to match the requirements of any application.

4x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, extra-low, semi-high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x2/2 Chassis heigth: Normal, low

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, low

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high, high

4x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, extra-low, semi-high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x6 Chassis height: High

8x2 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x2*6 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high

8x2 rear-steer

8x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x2 twin-steer

8x4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x4*4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x4 rear-stear

10x4*6 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

10x4 rear-steer



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