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Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport is all about moving people and goods while contributing to economic and social development without jeopardising human health and safety or endangering the environment.

Sustainable transport solutions

Scania’s approach to sustainable transport rests on three pillars that aim to optimise the transport system on different levels: energy efficiency (optimising the vehicle and the driving), renewable fuels and electrification (optimising the energy), and smart and safe transport (optimising the transport system). Together with our unique flow thinking, this approach is making our customers’ operations cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Electrified solutions

Electrification is central in a sustainable, decarbonised transport system. Electric vehicles operate cleanly and quietly, with zero particle and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions and a greatly reduced total carbon footprint (electricity provided from fossil-free energy sources). Today, our vehicle portfolio includes fully electric battery-powered trucks and buses, as well as hybrids.