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The S-series raises the stakes in long-distance driver comfort. Discover an interior that’s a haven of luxury, designed for spacious living. The flat floor, extended storage facilities and exceptional view from the driver position all add to its unique appeal.

Distinguished design

The S-series brings a whole new level of luxury to long distance driving. This truck has been developed for supreme comfort and style, with the focus on driver environment, interior space, safety and reliability.

A unique Scania

The interior design of Scania’s trucks brings a new level of refinement to your driving experience. Our designers have crafted stylish interiors with perfectly matched colours, materials and finishes. You can mix and match to personalise your space.

Integrated lighting

The lighting is one of the most prominent features of your truck, enhancing both its appearance and safety levels. As part of the basic configuration, position lights and extra lights are now integrated into the cab, without having a negative impact on aerodynamics.

Empowered engines

Our powerful and fuel-efficient trucks are legendary. Our new generation take our reputation a step further. Improved injectors and combustion chambers combined with the new rear axle ratio, contribute to reducing both engine speed and cutting fuel consumption by 3%. All Euro 6 engines are approved to run on up to 100% HVO, which reduces environmental impact and fuel consumption without compromising strength.