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Your optimal work-tool


The G-series range of Scania trucks brings a distinctive combination of comfort and elegance inside and out. Offering unique storage options as well as a spacious cab. The trucks are highly adaptable with great drivability and visibility. It's a well-balanced all round premium cab, and with an enlarged set of options you can now tailor make your G-series to perfection, to suite your business specific needs. 

Improved visibility

Features such as the new positioning of the driver seat, lowered side window, new slim design of the A-pillars and a larger surface area of glass, bring a whole new level of visibility.

The dashboard has also been lowered to enhance forward visibility.

Refreshed after rest

It is vital to have the possibility of recharging your batteries on hard and long working days. In the new generation Scania you can choose between a wide range of comfortable resting and sleeper options.

Storage option

The front roof storage in the new normal day cab features plenty of space to store helmets, gloves and other belongings. 

The rear-wall storage module enables items to be stored in an orderly way to make it easy to find the right things when needed, resulting in a tidy and pleasant working environment. Tailor the storage after your needs.

Renewable fuels

Scania delivers a wide range of engines which are compatible with renewable fuels, so you can find your perfect operational power to get the job done. This includes the new Scania Super 13-litre engine which contributes to groundbreaking powertrain fuel savings of 8%.

Scania G-series around the world

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