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Smart partnerships to drive the shift

Decarbonising the heavy transport sector is not something that can be done by a single organisation or company, so Scania is working with partners across the transport industry and beyond.

At Scania, we believe partnerships are at the heart of driving the shift to sustainable transport. By harnessing our modular approach and working with others across our ecosystem, we can promote the adoption of today’s sustainable solutions, while developing the technology and creating the conditions that will support the transport system of tomorrow.


Scania currently works with a wide range of like-minded partners to find viable sustainable transport solutions, including municipalities, academia, customers, customers’ customers, other industrial companies, infrastructure suppliers and fuel and energy providers.


By teaming up with various infrastructure stakeholders Scania can help create the conditions necessary for our customers to decarbonise their fleets. Our partners here include oil and gas companies with renewable fuels in their portfolios, manufacturers of synthetic fuels and power generation companies. By working with them, we are helping to expand the distribution network for renewable fuels, and increase access to sources of renewable energy for transport.