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Partnership approach

Driving the shift is not something we can do on our own. Scania is involved in strategic partnerships with key stakeholder, including our customer, buyers of transport services, energy suppliers, infrastructure providers and industry peers.  

We focus on building two types of partnership: strategic cross-sector partnerships that target political change; and industry partnerships with our suppliers, customers, infrastructure providers, and others to pilot and scale solutions. They are the most efficient when combined to include all stakeholders.

Industry partnerships


Electric transport kan only be a viable and sustainable option if vehicles have access to widespread charging network as well as plentiful energy produced from renewable sources.


TRATON GROUP with its brands Scania and MAN together with Daimler Truck, and Volvo Group have signed a binding agreement to install and operate public charging network for battery electric, heavy-duty long-haul trucks and coaches in Europe, under the brand name Milence.

“To find the best solutions for the climate challenge is our most urgent priority as an industry and as the TRATON GROUP. When we talk to customers about electric trucks, they always ask: where can we charge? To support as fast as possible, we are teaming up on kick-starting the European charging network”.


Christian Levin, CEO and President for Scania and TRATON GROUP.

Customer collaborations

We work with our customers as trusted advisors and partners. We develop a deep, holistic understanding of every customer’s entire transport flow, covering not only their own transport needs, but also the needs of their customers.

Axel Johnson's electrification journey

With accurate analyses based on digital tools and extensive data from Axel Johnson’s large truck fleet, Scania supports the company in its transition to battery-electric and sustainable transport.

Joined forces between Scania and LKAB

Scania and LKAB are both operating in industries currently undergoing shifts to reach a higher level of sustainability. The two companies have joined forces to operate electric vehicles in LKAB’s mines, a step towards sustainable transport for this industry.  

Electrification – a shared journey

Driving the shift is not something we can do on our own, we need to be involved in strategic partnerships. Here's an example of that. Electrolux, Gruber and Scania, all striving for the same goal: a more sustainable future.

Partnership and collaboration beyond the transport system

Decarbonising the transport sector calls for collaboration and partnerships beyond the traditional boundaries of the transport system. Scania has initiated several strategic partnerships including with technology companies, industry leaders, academics and government decision-makers to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system.