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Decarbonising the heavy transport sector is not something that can be done by a single actor. To help achieve this goal, Scania is working with partners across the transport industry and beyond.

Transport infrastructure partnerships

Decarbonising the transport sector in the short term requires the use of renewable fuels and electrification to rapidly increase. Vehicles alone provide only half of the solution – the shift can only happen with the right infrastructure in place. To scale up the infrastructure for renewable fuels and electrification, Scania is working with partners across the whole transport system, from fuel producers and infrastructure providers to city authorities and governments.


By working with these ecosystem partners, together with our customers and customers’ customers, we can push the transport business to increase the use of much-needed alternatives to diesel. By doing so we can create a world where fossil-free transport is no longer considered as the “alternative,” but the normal way of doing things.

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