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Pioneering research

Scania’s research and development organisation develops products, services and solutions that can provide the highest quality, efficiency and profitability for our customers. R&D's innovations are largely focused on advancing low-carbon transport solutions.

Driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system, and creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment, mean that Scania needs to build up world-class, industry-leading skills in strategic fields for future transport scenarios. We achieve this by research. Scania’s research portfolio includes the most likely scenarios as defined in Scania’s Technology Roadmap.


In Scania’s research and development we live in the present and the future at the same time. In every project, we consider and evaluate customer needs, changes to our surroundings, legal requirements and where our competitors stand. Each change affects the overall picture. Fuel efficiency is balanced with engine power, and weight is balanced with safety and loading capacity, but quality for our customers is always our overriding priority.

Scania’s research agenda

A lot of Scania’s research is carried out in-house, but we also work closely with universities, colleges and strategic partners, as well as in field tests with our customers.


Autonomous, electrified and connected transport solutions are high on the agenda, but so are solutions that use biofuels. Scania provides the largest portfolio of engines on the market that can run on alternatives to fossil fuels, ranging from ethanol trucks and buses to vehicles using liquified or compressed biogas. All of our Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines can run on biodiesel-HVO, while nearly all our vehicles can run on biodiesel-FAME. These sustainable transport solutions - available here and now - are the result of decades of intensive engine research and development work.

R&D is the place to be

Our job includes the whole chain – from research, construction and testing to production and customer vehicle quality checks. Research and development depends a lot on we and our employees' ambitions and skills, but also on how the needs and demands from customers and surroundings evolve. Scania’s goal is to maintain a broad competence base to make sure that we maintain our leading role in the transport industry.


For anyone looking forward to the future transport challenges that lie ahead of us - this is the place to be. Working at the forefront of technology, Scania’s research and development department contributes to reducing the environmental effects of transport while increasing profitability for the company and, above all, our customers.