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Career paths

There are many routes that you can take to develop at Scania. During your career you can broaden and deepen your skills, be promoted and perhaps even change the area in which you work.

Most roles develop naturally as new solutions are constantly emerging and technologies are constantly being improved. Most of your skills development will take place during your day-to-day work, where you can make a key contribution towards expanding your role.


Broaden your area of expertise.

When you have been working in the same position and have a good command of your job, you will have the opportunity to broaden your skills by taking on new assignments or applying for an equivalent job in a different department. This will give you the chance to gain a broader perspective of Scania and increase your understanding of a particular process or workflow.


Look for positions that require more experience, where you will get to use the full range of your skills.

Once you have worked at Scania for a while, you will have acquired the experience and skills that are required to apply for more advanced positions within your area of work. Maybe you will have also supplemented your skills by having completed training on the job. With your experience you may be ready to extend your area of responsibility and work on a more strategic level or become a leader.


Increase your skills within your area of work.

When you have mastered the skills to do your job and are working independently, you will have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of expertise and therefore take on more responsibility. This development path will give you a greater degree of specialisation within your area.


Try something new, where you can use your experience and contribute a fresh perspective.

As an employee you have the opportunity to change work areas. If you decide to do this, the knowledge of Scania that you have already acquired will be a strong advantage. 

Career paths to follow

At Scania you will be encouraged to follow the career path that suits you. Are you a leader, a project manager or a specialist in your field? 

Many of our work areas have structured career paths with various levels that are linked to specific skills and development tools. This provides our employees with a structured development process and prepares them for current and future roles. 

Based on open dialogue with your manager, your ambition, your potential and your willingness to develop, we offer you the opportunity to work with what you do best and to develop in different ways, changing from one career to another.

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