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Scania Driver Competitions

Since 2003 more than 370,000 truck and bus drivers in nearly 50 countries have participated in Scania Driver Competitions – the world’s largest truck and bus driving and training event.

The competitions started as a response to a 2003 European Commission directive on driver training, which aimed to minimise the environmental impact of truck driving by increasing road-safety awareness and improving fuel consumption. The European Commission has endorsed the event ever since.


Scania considers the driver as the single most important asset for economy, environment and safety. Striving to deliver sustainable transport solutions this focus on drivers becomes even more important. Drivers are the most important factor in overcoming the number of challenges the transport industry is facing today regarding road safety, fuel efficiency and reducing the transport industry’s environmental footprint. Another goal for Scania Driver Competitions is to draw more people into a profession that has become all the more demanding and versatile.


In addition to the challenges of driving, professional drivers encounter numerous incidental challenges every day. The winners of Scania Driver Competitions need to manage a lot more than just driving a truck or a bus from point A to point B. To reflect this, the competitions have developed over the years to feature a number of health and emergency-related challenges.


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