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Value for all stakeholders

Our stakeholders range from our customers and employees, to transport ecosystem partners such as infrastructure providers and transport users. We create value for each of our main stakeholder groups throughout our product life cycle.

Value for our customers

Our solutions are optimised for customer needs and help them build profitable and sustainable businesses by improving their transport efficiency: for example, through maximising uptime, lowering emissions and reducing vehicle running costs.

Value for our employees

We reward our employees both through pay and compensation, and our purpose-driven work culture. We provide a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment, where difference is valued and everyone has an opportunity to thrive. By investing in training, we ensure our employees have the skills and knowledge to succeed, now and in the future.

Value for drivers

Our vehicles are designed to enhance the driver experience and provide drivers with a safe, comfortable working environment. We are active in cross-industry efforts to improve working conditions for drivers – for example, through our contribution to the Truck Transport Social Guidelines.

Value for our suppliers

Our sourcing activities provide economic value and business opportunities for suppliers and their employees. By improving transparency and through due diligence processes, we work to mitigate the social and environmental impacts of our sourcing activities and improve conditions for workers within our supply chains.

Value for our owners and lenders

As a company focused on sustainability, we deliver sustainable growth and long-term financial resilience for our owners and lenders. Scania is also qualified to issue green bonds, providing investors with opportunities to support sustainable transport initiatives.

Value for the transport ecosystem

We work closely with partners across the transport ecosystem to scale up renewable fuel and electrification infrastructure. By doing so we help drive systemic change, build resilience and create long-term, sustainable value throughout the transport sector.

Value for society

Transport is vital for a healthy society. Our solutions can reduce the environmental impact of transport while increasing access to mobility, easing congestion and improving safety. By providing employment opportunities both within our own business and our supply and delivery flow chain, we support communities and contribute to economic growth.