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Our business model

Our business model is the platform through which we create value. It puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. 

We focus on solving our customers’ transport needs and design complete solutions around them to optimise our customers’ efficiency, profitability and sustainability ambitions. Value for Scania is closely interlinked with value for our customers. Only by making our customers profitable can we ensure that our own business is profitable.

A holistic view

Ensuring our customers’ success begins with gaining a deep understanding of their businesses today and in the future. We work closely with our customers to develop a holistic view not only of their transport needs, but also the needs of their own customers. By combining this view with a detailed knowledge of transport flows across different industries, we tailor solutions specifically to our customers’ needs.

Tailored solutions

The transport solutions we provide are optimised for our customers’ operations to increase their revenue and reduce their costs. We aim to eliminate waste and inefficiency throughout the entire transport flow, with highly customised solutions for sustainable transport. Along with vehicles, our solutions often include services like repair and maintenance, digital services, financial services and fuelling or charging infrastructure, depending on customer requirements and needs.

Partnership approach

Creating value through tailored solutions requires a close partnership with our customers, built on trust and often based on long-term relationships. Alongside our customer relationships, we also build partnerships with other stakeholders across the ecosystem of transport and logistics to create the enabling conditions for a sustainable transport system.

Increasing customer revenue

Scania’s high-quality, optimised vehicles and services, supported by vehicle data gathered from connected vehicles, ensure maximum time in operation and thereby boost customer revenue. For customers’ operations that are conditioned by CO2 emission regulations or their own sustainability ambitions, Scania provides sustainable solutions to maximise their revenue generation.


Reducing customer costs

Scania influences factors like fuel, repair and maintenance costs, the residual value of the vehicle and the cost and availability of financing.