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Scania’s unique modular system allows us to offer an extremely wide portfolio of products using relatively few components and parts.

This enables us to achieve economies of scale and maximise resource efficiency, creating a lean and flexible production system that allows us to rapidly introduce new technological solutions, bring them to market and scale them up quickly.


The modular system applies to our entire portfolio of transport solutions and engines. As well as vehicles and hardware, we also apply our modular approach to the development of services and software. Modularisation also gives us the platform we need to develop the transport solutions of the future. Because electrified or autonomous buses or trucks have many of the same basic components, used for the same need, for the same applications as today’s vehicles, they can be built and adapted using the same modular approach.


Scania’s modular system is integral to our flexible approach, enabling us to tailor our solutions to suit individual customer needs, and accommodate the demands of different markets.

The principles of Scania’s modular system

  1. Standardised interfaces – we can install new components that improve product performance without the need to change the surrounding components and structure.
  2. Same need, identical solution – we can use the same components for different applications. For example, the shortest truck cab variant can be used to maximise cargo capacity for light distribution service, as well as for a heavy tipper truck operating in a mine.
  3. Well-balanced performance steps – we can match specific customer needs with differences in cab sizes, engine output, frame strengths and number of axles.